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This was a total failure for us. I made it this morning and it does require effort, that's ok, but when the end result is so bad, it makes you want to cry! This made 19 dumplings for me. I used 1 1/2 cups of fresh grated coconut {3 cups was way too much} and the other ingrdients as stated here. Once done{steamed}, the rice flour tasted like I was chewing on rubber! Not just that, it was not tasting sweet. It was not a dessert from any angle. More like a punishment! I didn't want to throw it all away as I'd spent so much time and effort on this. So, I had to boil 3 cups of full cream milk with 6 tbsps. of sugar and few green cardamoms, powdered, and then add the steamed dumplings to it. Thereafter, I served half batch immediately and people who ate it told me they liked it now and in particular enjoyed spooning some of the milk into the dumpling after breaking it open with a spoon, and then eating it. The other batch, I let it cool completely, and then covered and kept it in the refrigerator to chill. Those who had this chilled said it was nice now. One thing's definite: I am never ever going to make this again!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 04, 2004

Delicious dumpling recipe and SO easy to make. Dim sum fans will like this recipe. I did a test run of 1 c. of rice flour, using sweetened flaked coconut (not fresh), and omitted the sugar. The steaming time was about 18 minutes and it yielded 7 dumplings. Thanks, Nisha!

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CobraLimes October 21, 2004
Coconut Stuffed Rice Dumplings