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I made this cake for the July 08 Recipe Swap. I'd never cooked with semolina before so I was bit nervous about making this cake, but it turned out really well. The staff at work were all very impressed with my efforts! It is a lovely, mild flavoured cake with a great lemony flavour. The lemon syrup was excellent. The only thing I'll have to take into considering next time I make it is to remember to bake it for a shorter period as I have a fan forced oven. I baked it for 50min and it was well and truly done by then, if anything it came out a little dry, but that was my fault and nothing to do with the recipe. Next time I will check it after about 40min. The flavour was excellent though. I really enjoyed it and I will certainly make it again. Thanks Fairy Nuff!

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Sazza July 27, 2008
Coconut Semolina Syrup Cake