Coconut Rice

READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by David J Rust

I had some leftover coconut milk after making a recent Indian dish and thought, "What the heck; let's add some to the rice as it cooks!" What came out is now a real favorite of mine!

Top Review by ewells

Wow!!! I'll definitely be making this one again and again. :) It really bothers me when someone gives a recipe a rave review, then they say, "However, I substituted this, this and this..." and the list goes on for 5 more pages, lol. I DID make a substitution, but it was only to switch the amount of broth and coconut milk (I used 1 c. coconut milk and 3/4 c. broth). Thanks for a great recipe David!

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  1. In a pot that has a tight-fitting lid, over high heat, add the rice, olive oil, salt, and saffron. Stirring with a wooden spoon, heat for 2-3 minutes until a few rice grains begin to brown on the edges. OPTIONAL: You may want to add a few ounces of shredded coconut at this stage.
  2. Being careful to avoid flare-ups and spill-overs, add the chicken broth and coconut milk to the hot pan. It will sizzle and bubble vigorously!
  3. Stir to loosen any rice on the bottom or sides of the pot and reduce the heat to low. Put on the lid and cook for 13 minutes.
  4. When 13 minutes are up, turn off the heat and let the covered rice sit for 5 minutes.
  5. Remove the lid and fluff with a fork before serving with any Asian, Polynesian, or Indian dish.

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