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Oh, soooo good! I agree with the80srule that it was really easy to make too. I didn't even bother with the different bowls that she suggested; I just mixed everything in the pot. I love the iron powerhouse combo of lentils and spinach! I used green lentils, since that was what I had on hand (and cooked them a little longer), but I know that this dish would be even better with red lentils. Also, I used mustard powder instead of seeds and didn't happen to have any cilantro on hand. Like other reviewers, I used extra spinach: 3 cups total. I served it with basmati brown rice. The combination of sweet cashews and coconut, spicy curry, and sour lime was truly tantalizing. I second the suggestion of serving it with lime wedges; a little fresh lime juice squeezed on top was just the thing. I already can't wait to make this again with red lentils. Made for Veg*an Swap, May 2010.

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Prose June 01, 2010

After making this recipe for the first time, I made it again less than a week later. It's delicious, easy, quick, and hearty - and I'm not a big fan of lentils! I used loads more spinach than the recipe called for - at least 5 cups - and served it in bowls garnished with additional cashews and cilantro (will try serving it over rice next time, for variety). This will become a regular on the family menu during spinach season, to be sure.

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shell42970 July 12, 2010

This was delicious, and tasted even better the next day! I could really taste the mustard flavor from the seeds when I first tried this, but when I had the leftovers the next day, the flavors had migled perfectly. Great, quick, simple recipe. I probably added almost a cup of cashews, cuz I love 'em! I also used baby spinach leaves, and I'd say I threw in 2 BIG handfuls of those as well. I served it over jasmine rice. I didn't have cilantro, but next time will definitely add that as well!

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Kozmic Blues May 27, 2010

Oh Magpie this dish is just simply fabulous! I had a lot of fun making it too, it appears labor intensive at first but it's really not. The main thing is just making sure you have enough bowls handy! I used a large one and two medium ones to separate the ingredients-- need a medium bowl for the red lentils and spices, another medium one for the spinach and cashews, and a large one handy to whisk the coconut milk, salt, lime juice, and water together. I used 1 teaspoon of RealLime, and some nice sea salt. 1/2 cup of pre-chopped onion was just dandy and since I didn't have fresh cilantro today I put a few shakes of dried cilantro in with the red lentil bowl, about a little less than a teaspoon. I always have fresh spinach in my house, since I love it I probably used closer to 2 cups, and some wonderful plump raw cashews. The different aromas together while it was on the stove were just mouthwatering! A very warming dish, the spiciness kicks in about a minute after you take a bite. Very tasty with naan dippers! One of the best curries I've had that I didn't get at the my favorite Indian restaurant! With some cubed potatoes and marinated tofu, this would also make a nice dosa filling. Made for our VIP player in Veggie Swap 22.

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the80srule May 25, 2010

Very yummy! An easy, hearty meal for a wintry night. I used coconut oil instead of olive oil, extra spinach as several recommended, and served with brown rice. Thanks for posting.

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Peprich November 26, 2014

A really great recipe that I will absolutely use again. I added pineapple and a red pepper to make it feel super summery.

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copeyjoe June 18, 2013

Excellent. 1 3/4 cup of water is about the amount of the coconut milk can, so save on dirtying measuring cups. Add the zest of the lime as well.

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Anoushka May 31, 2013

We really liked this. Easy, healthy and yummy...that's 5 stars for me! Thanks magpie diner

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jennyblender March 14, 2013

We made this last night, what a wonderful dish thank you so much for sharing. Very simple and such wonderful flavours...

Thank you.

Nulife Team ( www.nulife-group.com )

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nulifegroup December 15, 2012

An excellent recipe!!! I also used much more spinach, a bag of baby spinach leaves (I think the bag is about 200gr), and I was generous with the cilantro because we like it. I used a Roasted Garam Masala which is what I generally have on hand. I could have made it hotter, it was quite mild, but then you might lose the sweetness of the cashews. We do love dahl and this is a real make-again, DH is having the leftovers for lunch, LUCKY him!!!! I served this on steamed white rice, we really enjoyed this excellent dish. This recipe was made for ZWT 8, thank you, magpie diner :)

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Karen Elizabeth August 03, 2012
Coconut Red Lentils With Spinach, Cashews & Lime (Vegan)