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This is just beyond words!! The coconut flavor isn't overpowering, but oh-so-delicious. There is a simple syrup that you pour over the finished cake, and you're SUPPOSED to let it sit for 8 hours before eating it..YEAH, RIGHT!! Like THAT'S gonna happen!! The smell that comes from your oven while it's baking will have neighbors banging on your door, pretending to need to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg...and that is the same smell that makes waiting 8 stinkin' hours IMPOSSIBLE...I dipped into this little gem after an hour..that's all I could wait...and I couldn't speak for the next 24 hours..all I could do was moan "yuuum...yuuummmm...mooore...mooore...yuuuuum, yuuummm" I'm not kidding folks, this is heavenly...I took the cake over to my Mom's house yesterday, and gave some to her, my sister, my dad, aunt, cousin, and uncle--they all loved it, and the women wanted the recipe...The sugar syrup does not make the cake soggy, just adds another OOMPH of flavor and moistness that sets this pound cake miles above the rest...You've just GOT to try this...you really do...if you have the slightest fondness for coconut, you will just love this recipe... Fair warning...make sure you have no plans for the 24 hours following the making of this cake...remember, you'll be laying on the floor, and all you'll be able to say is "yum, yum, more, more, yum, yum!" Now, run straight out to the store, buy some coconut extract, and make this cake!! It is ...heck, I can't even think of a word that is appropriate!! It's beyond anything like "delicious" or "fabulous"...hey, what did Mary Poppins teach us to say when no word is appropriate? I guess this cake is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!

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TGirl,RN March 21, 2004

Thank you for sharing this incredible cake recipe!=) After I poured the syrup over the warm cake I lasted maybe 10 minutes before I started picking at it. I went to bed dreaming about the huge slice I was going to have with coffee in the morning! This cake has a wonderful mild but sweet coconut taste. The cake resembles pound cake and the glazing saturates the top of the cake infusing sweet coconut goodness into every bite! And yes, I did have that huge slice the next morning. I'm glad I enjoyed every bite for there was no cake left by the end of the day!

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smoke alarm jr April 07, 2004

This is an excellent cake; great coconut flavour that's quite subtle! I sure as heck couldn't wait for 8 hours to cut into it; I thought the 4 hours I waited showed great restraint! I'm sure this cake, without the glaze, is a lovely light pound cake and I can't wait to make it that way, but the addition of the glaze really does put this over the top. It is quite sweet; my hubby has a real sweet tooth and he has been in heaven since this appeared on the kitchen counter. I didn't have cake flour on hand even though I thought I did, so I used an excellent substitute: replace 2 tbsp of flour in each cup with 2 tbsp of cornstarch. This easy cake would be fabulous to take to a potluck; it's going with me to the next one I attend!

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Lennie March 24, 2004

I have made this cake twice in the last month and both times it has turned out beautifully. I made it following the instructions exactly as written and it was absolutely wonderful. The last time I made it, I substituted coconut milk (not cream of coconut) for the buttermilk and added a cup and a half of shredded coconut that I ran through my food processor (I love coconut). Both times I put the glaze on the cake. I also had some problems with the glaze running over the edge of the Bundt pan, but I used a butter knife to kind of pull the edge of the cake away from the pan. That helped to get all the glaze into the pan. Neither time was the cake soggy. . . just moist and full of flavor. A definite keeper.

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sheilatan3 April 11, 2008

Loved this cake! We are true southern pound cake lovers and I was a little concerned about Crisco rather than butter. It was EXCELLENT though! DO put the glaze on. It was incredibly moist and flavorful. We did not even add the planned whipped cream. A genuine 5 star!

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So Happy at Home March 24, 2008

This cake is great - really nice flavour & awesome texture. I'm with another reviewer, though - I don't think I'll put the syrup on next time. I ended up poking lots & lots of holes in the cake with a cake tester to try to get all the syrup to absorb. It took a long time & lots of it dripped off the edges of the bundt pan. And, then I just found the cake to be a little mushy in spots. I served for Easter dinner with a dollop of whipped cream.

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Debbb April 21, 2007

Really enjoyed this, but might not put the syrup on next time. Found the syrup to be too sweet. Loved the cake though. Had it with strawberries.

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Minda3 April 17, 2006

Ok this was fantastic. It was so easy my 3 yr old helped me - all into the Kitchenaid and then into the oven. We served w/Strawberry Cool Whip and fresh sliced strawberries. I will be making this again and again - thanks for the posting!

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kim myles March 28, 2005

Everyone at work loved this. I just couldn't make a coconut cake without any coconut in it, so I toasted 3/4 cup and added it to the batter. I only used 1/2 the amount of glaze and even that almost overflowed the pan. It is a great recipe and I certainly will make it again.

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L. Davenport February 28, 2005

This cake is FABULOUS. I made it for one of the desserts at my sister's rehearsal dinner, and everyone loved it. It was SO good! I love the syrup that is poured over... it makes it so moist, sweet and nummy! It looks very pretty with the confec. sugar sprinkled over. Thanks for the recipe :)

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love4culinary June 24, 2004
Coconut Pound Cake