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This cake is like no other I have made. Step one doesn't bode well, grey porridge standing for 20 mins, the finished cake is a big browny grey coloured thing! Then the 'icing' is a mixutre I have never put together before and then your told to grill it??? What is going on?? Luckily I have learnt to trust Marie Alice's recipes and followed it to the 'T' and I was so pleased I did, the flavours worked so well together. I served it as part of my birthday treat in the staff room and it was a huge hit!! It's not overly sweet and with the oatmeal you some how think this cake is health food which allows you to have two pieces!

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Tulip-Fairy September 15, 2007

I can only review the cake portion, because I used a cream cheese frosting rather than your lovely-sounding Walnut Topping. Too many family members dislike coconut, although it sounds super to me. We loved the cake. It was easy to make and a big hit tonight.

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Ms*Bindy October 14, 2005
Coconut Oatmeal Cake