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Well, I have mixed thoughts about this recipe. If I could break the rating into sections, I would give it 5 stars for flavor, but only 3 stars for assembly of ingredients, and poor instructions. First problem: Since the coconut was listed with the cake ingredients, and not with the frosting, or separately as a topping, I assumed that the 2 cups of coconut were supposed to be in the cake batter, but was perplexed because it wasn't in the description, so I wasn't sure where to add it. I added it into the batter just before folding in the egg whites. It turned out to be a delicious coconut-white cake, very moist and sweet. Delicious even plain! (I tasted the bits I trimmed off the domed sides to make them flat for stacking.) Secondly, the cornstarch-based lemon filling is too runny to use as a filling, even when completely chilled. I have a recipe for lemon curd that is egg-based, rather than cornstarch based, and I think if I make this cake again I will use my own lemon curd. The filling never got really thick, even when completely cool, so ran out the sides of the cake. That made frosting it near impossible, because the frosting couldn't adhere to the cake with the lemon filling oozing out the sides. And I followed the directions for making the lemon filling as they were written. Next, the lemon flavor is very mild, so for those who like lemon to be brightly flavored, I would add lemon zest to the mixture too, not just the 1/3 cup of juice. The cream cheese frosting is yummy as is. So, assembly was a nightmare, all really because the lemon filling was more like lemon sauce. It leaked out, and was gooey and prevented the cake from being frosted properly. So, all said and done, if I was tasting it with a blindfold, it would get 5 stars all around, because the flavors are very good, though I'd like the lemon to stand out a bit more. So I compromised with the 3-star rating I would give for the difficulties I had, and came up with my 4-star final rating. I'll definitely make the cake batter part again, though, because it was outstanding. Made for PAC Fall 2008.

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Susiecat too October 18, 2008
Coconut Lemon Cake