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These deserve way more than 5 stars!!! I have made other lc brownie recipes that I have had to throw in the trash! These are sooooooo good and have that great brownie texture and taste. I love them! Brownies are my all time fav, so I am sure to make these again!~! Thank you for posting this great recipe!!

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Beverly292 April 02, 2011

This is a great recipe, it just needs a little tweaking. I made it to a T, with a mental note that other reviewers said it was dry. So, after mixing it all up (and the batter was too dry to be a brownie batter) I mixed 2 tablespoons of sour cream with 3 tablespoons of strong brewed coffee and mixed that with the batter. It was the consistency of brownie batter after my tweaks and the brownies baked up really well! I don't know what they're like without my tweaks, but from the description given, I would assume what I did gave them a little more of a fudgy texture. I used a stevia/erythritol/sugar blend because I got it on accident, instead of just stevia, so mine have a few more carbs. I can't wait to make these with a completely sugar-free sweetener! Thanks for posting!!

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Sammie September 26, 2016

I did not care for them. Think it was the flax meal

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callahan8962 May 01, 2016

Good recipe. With a few adjustments I think this will be an amazing recipe! I sub'ed out the eggs for egg beaters and doubled it. By doing that it cut the calories down even more. I also added a little bit of water mixed with intsant coffee. The original recipe is definetly too dry and needed some moisture. Next time I make them I will add more cocoa powder and maybe even add in some sugar fee chocolate chips. And maybe sprinkle some almonds on top for an extra crunch. They look good though, I will post a picture of mine.

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ayla915_12525386 October 02, 2013

Mine came out a bit dry, but the cocoa flavor is worth working with to get it right. I think I'll go with the extra eggs and risk the eggy taste the submitter wanted to avoid. My batter was too thick from the get go, and I had to press it out in the pan, so the dryness is partly my own fault. I could have added something to moisten this before baking. I'm still learning low carb baking, so thanks for sharing! :-)

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Queen Roachie September 20, 2013

Wow! These brownies are absolutely amazing. I did not use splenda (subbed 1/2 sucanat, 1/2 organic sugar) but followed the recipe otherwise. I love that there are flax seeds and coconut flour in them and they have all that classic brownie taste! Definitely will be making these again! Thanks :)

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adbro84 January 14, 2012
Coconut Flour Brownies