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Yum! We made veggie bowls with this recipe. Lined the bowls with baby spinach then added a spoonful of basmati rice, the vegetable mixture/beans, fresh mint and fresh cilantro, lime slices. Perfect! Bought organic cauliflower from the farmer's market just for this occasion, too! Don't skip the mint! Made for Veg Tag/April.

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COOKGIRl April 25, 2013

So enjoyed! I forgot how hot my pepper flakes were. So ours was over the top hot. (A good thing). That is where the yogurt is a good thing I used home made broth. My carrots are very large so I used two. One large onion. I also used two tablespoons of powdered curry. I used basil in place of mint just because that is what I had more of. I did garnish with my mint that is just starting to grow for me. As for the lime I squeezed the juice in then tossed the lime halves in and then after simmering squeezed and removed to my mulch bin. I placed over saffron basmati rice and topped with a dollop of yogurt. I`m enjoying this as I type the review and I can see myself eating this right through the night. I must say every bite I take the more I love it! Very addictive! Who needs meat? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rita~ April 12, 2013

Quite possibly the fastest meal I've ever prepared! Truly 22 minutes form start to finish. Including chopping cauliflower. I served it with basmati rice which also cooks quickly. Delicious! Made for Veggie Swap 3/13

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Elmotoo March 20, 2013

Delicious! I added chicken. It came out great. I just took out the veggies after they started to cook before adding the curry powder. Browned chopped chicken breast in the pan, added the curry powder, mixed in the veggies and cooked the rest according to the directions. The sauce was great. My family loved it.

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Christinaboswell October 10, 2015
Coconut Curry With Cauliflower, Carrots, & Chickpeas