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Fabulous!! I am so full! I could eat this all day long. The rice IS unbelievably good, but the whole dish is first rate in my opinion! And beautiful too. I wasn't sure about this when I picked it, but I would definitely make it again just as is (with the small adjustment of adding some salt to the tofu!) Thank you Rita! Even tofu newbie Fiance thought it was great.

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Nikoma September 13, 2011

The star of this recipe is the amazingly flavorful rice! I will probably be making that rice to go with other dishes. The curry, as written, by itself, probably would have been 4 (or maybe even 3) stars. However, it's a really good "base" to which I added other things for more interest. I knew that, like Roosie, I would want more vegetables, so I added some mushrooms and spinach. I also added a fresh sliced jalapeno and used a whole teaspoon of crushed red pepper. It still wasn't spicy, but we added Sri Racha sauce upon serving. Also, I added extra coconut milk (went ahead and used up the rest of the can) and added soy sauce at the table. Oh, I also added a little salt to the rice flavoring mixture after tasting, and I used basmati brown rice. Thank you for posting this fresh, fun recipe! Made for Veg*an Swap, January 2011.

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Prose January 26, 2011

Pretty! The rice was a gorgeous emrald and the tofu a nice golden yellow. I, like Cookgirl, didn't add the tomatoes... neither BF nor I care much for cherry tomatoes and I don't like the flavor of raw tomatoes at all. However, I recently had a dish in a Thai restaurant with lightly cooked cherry tomatoes in it, and, honestly, I think they would have complimented the flavors of this recipe very well. I would have liked to see a bit more vegetation in the dish- maybe a bell pepper or an onion? I just felt that the texture/mouth-feel was a little "blah" - the rice was kind of damp and the tofu had the semi-squishy texture of tofu and it all sort of mushed together to me. The peanuts were a nice touch, but I was craving a bit more texture. I didn't have any lime juice on-hand so I simmered a Keffir lime leaf with the rice and used lemon in the puree. Worked well. All-in-all it made a pretty good dinner. We make Asian food frequently, and this was an interesting change from our usual fare. It worked just as directed- I prepared the tofu in my cast-iron wok and it worked quite well. Thanks Rita!

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Roosie December 05, 2004

great recipe all around! I changed a few things as well: I like to fry my tofu in peanut oil first before adding to a recipe. This gives it a nice golden color and firm texture on the skin. In addition, I had loads of Thai basil in my garden but no cilantro, so i used the Thai basil instead. I also added 2/3 of a grated jalapeno to the blended mixture for the rice. My husband hates tomatoes, so I sauteed some orange peppers (thinly sliced) to mix with the tofu. My husband and I loved the contrast of colors and vibrant flavors of this dish!!

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Lady Indigo August 22, 2009

Loved the flavors in this. Great vegetarian meal. Fun to make. Thanks Rita!

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Doelee February 05, 2007

Wonderful variety of spices and flavorful but not too overpowering of a coconut taste even with that amount of coconut milk. Thai food is all about balance;-the spicy, the sweet, the exotic. Isn't it? When I cooked the jasmine rice I forgot to add in the cilantro so I garnish the finished dish with chopped cilantro and lime wedges. To the tofu mixture I substituted one half of a red jalapeno for the red pepper flakes and added about 1 heaping tablespoon of squeeze bottle lemon grass puree. For the vegetable oil I used a bit of peanut oil mixed in for added flavor. I also forgot to add the tomatoes which would have added nice color. Asian food is the most difficult and frustrating cuisine for me to prepare- more hits than misses. This was a big hit. Thanks for sharing. CG

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COOKGIRl November 30, 2004

This dish was really good and different.The cilantro gave it such a pretty emerald color and a wonderful taste. I brought some coconuts back from Florida, so used the fresh juice and coconut. Thanks for posting this!

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Sharon123 March 17, 2003
Coconut Curried Tofu with Green Jasmine Rice