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This was very different. When I first looked at the ingriedents and saw the coconut extract, I'd have to said I was a little worried. But, I had it already on hand sense I am a pastry chef, so, I gave this recipe a go. I must say too, I really did enjoy it. Please everyone out there in internet land, don't let this recipe scare you. It really is quite good.

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MizEmerilLagasse December 28, 2003

Love the idea of the coconut extract and milk...so much more economical and way less fattening than using coconut milk (although I was tempted!)...I have never bought instant mashed potatoes before but the ones I had were like a fine powder..there must be a kind that is more like a flake? Regardless, the aroma while these were cooking was great and they must be served hot from the oven...they kind of lose something when they get to room temp...a bit of a different taste for a wing but will make again for my family...using a different kind of instant...thanks for sharing.

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FEPO July 04, 2004
Coconut curried chicken wings