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Best cupcakes ever! My tins must have been a bit smaller as I got 15 muffins from the recipe. Definitely use the coconut milk! I cut back on the icing because the recipe seemed like it would make too much, so I used 6 oz of cream cheese, 1/4 c butter, 1 c powdered sugar, juice of a whole lime and 2 oz white chocolate. I really liked it with the lime flavor jacked up a bit in the frosting.

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ebburtis May 17, 2010

Lovely cupcakes. They filled the house with a lovely smell. My husband who doesn't eat cake (believe it or not people like this exist!) wanted to try one - and asked for another. I didn't do the frosting though cause I made them for my daughter to take to school. She sprinkled vermicelli on top though.

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Chef Navidad June 20, 2011

LOVE these cupcakes!!! The cake has a great, light coconut flavor - it is dense but for me it made them feel more decadent and "adult" It would be key to watch them closely to make sure and over bake them. I used the pure convection setting on my oven (if you have convection) and they baked perfectly. The frosting is AMAZING!! Made it as is but substituted Lindt White Chocolate with coconut. I don't know that it added that much more coconut flavor but it literally was the only white chocolate the store. My batch made 14 cupcakes and I put about 2 heaping tablespoons on each and came out with just a little bit of frosting left over, my husband will be excited to eat that leftover. I think the amount of frosting on them is what makes them look so enticing and definitely like something from a fancy cupcake bakery. So glad I ran across this recipe - it's a winner. Thanks Bev!!

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DDW July 24, 2010

Very delicious! The flavor was amazing. My mom says that they're the kind of cupcake that people would stand in line a long time to buy. I used coconut milk rather than whole milk. Also, I halved the frosting and it was plenty. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Lolliewedel June 27, 2010

Awesome!!! These tasted fantastic, were gone so quick and I've already had to pass on the recipe. I did end up with way too much frosting though, I've frozen the left overs to use next time but in future I'll cut it down to 1/3 or 1/4. Also, is there any reason you only use egg whites? Do you think I could use 2 whole eggs next time instead? Anyway, thanks for a great recipe Bev.

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Phil the kiwi May 18, 2010

I found the texture was a bit dry and crumbly. Also the icing was quite runny. However, the taste was very good. I made double recipe and had enough batter for about 28 cupcakes. I made a single icing recipe (for 12 cupcakes) and had more than enough to frost all 28.

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Cranberry May 10, 2008

So delicious, even without the frosting! I made these for my sons 2nd birthday, and I was so impressed with them. Usually when I think cupcakes I think "dry, too much sugary frosting, and primarily for kids" but these don't fit any of that. Thanks for this, it's going into my favorites!

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brittanyalewis May 07, 2008

The frosting was just heavenly. The cake was a little bit dry, but overall the taste was fabulous. Definitely a keeper!

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SJones March 25, 2008

Nice, high quality cupcakes that would be suitable for weddings, showers, etc. I made these for a ritzy art reception and several folks asked for the recipe. The texture is outstanding and the bit of lime in the icing really perks it up. I am not a white chocolate fan, but I am a fan of these cupcakes. I used canned Coconut milk from a local Asian supermarket. The flavor is terrific! Thanks Bev for sharing this awesome and unusual recipe.

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artistclogger January 02, 2008

I really liked these. My 2 year old and my husband didn't... but who cares! I have been wanting to try a "gourmet" cupcake for a while now and this totally fit the bill. Texture was slightly heavier then a regular cupcake, however I thought that this added to the "gourmet" feeling of it because it was more dense, rich, flaky (texture turned to dry as the days wore on...) . I didn't care for the almond extract, I thought it overpowered the delicate coconut flavor (I added coconut extract to batter as well), My icing wasn't runny at all, I used less sugar then called for though so maybe that helped, also juiced the whole lime and then zested it into the icing (after tasting it of course, I LOVED the zing of the lime which I was quite sure I would NOT like when I first read the ingredients.) Thanks so much!

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rdavenport February 11, 2012
Coconut Cupcakes With White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting