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I made this for dessert. It was really nice, especially when served with vanilla ice cream and glace cherries. I used mostly brown sugar as we ran out of cane sugar. for anyone else making this recipe, i would recommend getting the mixture out of the pan and onto the baking tray asap, because when i left some of mine in the pot for a bit long, it burnt. 5 stars for a great dessert! :)

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TALIA #3 November 01, 2009

oh gosh this is so addictive and so easy to make, I pulled mine off at a few degrees sooner that 234 F for a softer texture which worked just fine, great treat mersaydees, thanks for posting, made for 123 tag game!

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Kittencal@recipezazz June 17, 2009

These were good. I didn't exactly go by the timing. I just boiled it with the coconut in it until the syrup and the coconut turned a golden color and the bubbles were not frothy but big and slowly bubbling. This was a good recipe I added a little bit of ginger to it to give a little zip. I also used unsweetened dry coconut chips which are quite a bit larger than the finely grated. Thanks for posting. :) Made for ZWT5.

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Leah's Kitchen June 02, 2009

I halved the recipe, and that didn't work so well. By the time, I checked in ice water (only 5 minutes after being on high heat), it all of a sudden turned a light golden brown and did a cracking thread in the ice water when I tested. (No, I don't have a candy thermometer. I think it's vital.) So I forged ahead with putting in the coconut. It turned out to be a coconut brittle; very delicious too, but not what the recipe intended. I put the candy on a plate that was greased with butter. This is really the way to go on greasing anything for candy. It adds just a touch of a great butter flavor; it's much more appetizing and tasty than shortening, oil or spray. I think next time I will use a candy thermometer, not halve it, and I'll also cook it on medium rather than high.

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Debbie R. May 29, 2009
Coconut Candy