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Since it was the first time to make a souffle in my life, I picked this one as the first base cream was made and allowed to cool. I figured if anything went wrong at this point not much wasted. Then I collected my thoughts, and proceeded with preparing the custard cups, and beating the whites. Everything still okay. I placed everything on a cookie sheet, and baked exactly 14 minutes. I like the recipe because I could make half a recipe, which breaks down perfectly. Half a recipe gave me 5 ...7 ounce custard cup portions, so this recipe goes a long way..and each size portion was exactly enough. It didn't begin to fall at all until about 7 minutes after out of the oven, and didn't collapse when spoon was inserted either. So is a nice one for company. The taste is sweet, sweet, coconut flavour, and would also go nicely with a strawberry ice cream or any fruit flavoured ice cream along side. Nice nice recipe, one that I will make again and again.

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andypandy June 16, 2007
Coconut and White Chocolate Souffles With Mango-Rum Sauce