Cocoa Rice Krispies Treats

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

Found this recipe on a number of years ago. Love them!

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  1. Melt butter with salt in a large saucepan over low heat. Add marshmallows and vanilla and stir until marshmallows have melted. Add cocoa and stir well.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in Cocoa Krispies until evenly coated.
  3. Pour into a greased 13x9 baking dish. Press down until flat in the dish. A silicone spatula coated with cooking spray works nicely. Cool.
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This is a great use for leftover cereal, this tasted great but did find it very sticky & hard to separate once cut into squares, probably best to cut this as you need it to avoid it all sticking together. Thanks for posting this simple to prepare treat!