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These are so much fun and taste great! I'd seen this recipe in a Womans Day magazine while in a waiting room and not wanting to take their copy I came here, searched and found it! They're a bit time consuming, but the end result is worth it! When I seperated the dough to add ingredients to it I used a quart size zip-lock because I didn't want green hands from the food coloring and it worked well! I'm already thinking ahead to other colors and additions for various holidays! So glad you posted this, thank you!

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Breezytoo April 09, 2008

I tried this with cheesecake pudding mix as I am allergic to almonds. They looked really pretty going into the oven, but I had a hard time telling if the cookies were done. They seemed really soft even as they started to brown slightly. If I make this again I will know to pull them early even if they seem too soft as once they browned they did not look as nice. They tasted pretty bland too although it might be due to the pudding mix I used.

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BlueSapphire December 20, 2008
Cocoa Pistachio Pinwheels