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I had this for breakfast this morning minus the dates(that would make it really heavy and too much to have in the morning for me). I did not have cocoa powder on hand, so I used Nestle's Nesquik's chocolate powder as a substitute which worked very well. I did not use any brown sugar either at the end as it was sweet enough for me. Served hot this is DELICIOUS! I am so thrilled to have this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 27, 2003

I love this concept, though I modified it heavily. I used dried apricots (that I chopped and dredged in cocoa powder), added some splenda, and used fast cooking oats (not instant). I also sprinkled some extra splenda on top. It was chocolatey and filling. Nice for a cold winter morning. Thanks!

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ladypit February 04, 2004

I often have oatmeal or oat bran with cocoa, but have not tried adding dates. Wonderful morning pick me up

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haven't the slightest January 03, 2010

I really wanted to like this... really... but it was just kind of weird. I found that the dates didn't really dissolve very much, and I kept biting into bits of date skin which was just...weird. The dates did make this a bit more gooey than normal oatmeal, which I didn't really care for. I found that this was really, really not sweet. I added 6 dates for a half recipe, hoping that would sweeten this up, but it didn't really. I added a tsp of sucanat when serving, but it still tasted strange to me. I just wasn't keen on the flavor of this (I guess maybe I don't like the combination of the flavor of dates with chocolate?) nor the texture. Sorry, Jenny... but this one just wasn't for me.

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Roosie November 29, 2004
Cocoa Oatmeal with Dates