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this is a frosting i came up with,,, I dont like SWEET icings and most i've tried are just that. it you like sweeter you can always use semi sweet chocolate instead of dark, and or add more sugar. you get between 4-6 cups of frosting, ive never measured. as a side note I take the left over frosting and fold some whipped topping into,, makes a good mousse.

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  1. put chocolate chips,butter, peanut butter, and sour cream in pan and melt. once melted stir and transfer to a bowl.
  2. with a hand mixer, mix in cocoa and sugar. mix for 1 -2 min ( at this point it becomes crumbly,, and looks oily,,,,, dont worry it comes together.)
  3. add vanilla and irish cream, mix well.
  4. add heavy cream a little at a time while mixing ( this is when it transforms into a very smooth fudgy frosting.) beat til desired consistency.

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