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These cookies are amazing! Good old-fashioned cookie with lots of chocolate flavour. I did not have cake flour and just added 2 cups of all purpose without thinking. I should have reduced the flour by 1/4 cup for a proper substitution. I thought the dough seemed a bit dry (because of the extra flour) and added a bit of milk before I cooled it down. I only used 1 cup of chocolate chips because 2 cups seemed like a lot for the amount of dough. I got 45 cookies, had less yield due to less chocolate chips. The cookies did not fully flatten while cooking; they have a ballish shape. Just a delish bite sized cookie. Everybody in the household loves them and I am sure I will get a chance real soon to make them again and this time I will use the proper amount of flour. Perhaps I will also add the extra chocolate chips :)

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Deantini November 19, 2012
Cocoa Chocolate Chip Cookies