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Ev, this is another of your outstanding recipes! I loved the delicious filling so much and the muffin itself was moist and very tasty.I used fresh pumpkin that I cooked in the microvawe with a little water. I used the blender to make a smooth pulp. With my muffins mold I made 20 delicious kissis!<br/>Thanks a lot for your great inventions. Made for Culinary Quest 2014.

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awalde September 24, 2014

Evelyn, you are so creative! As everybody else, we loooooooved the coconut kisses! I might try the kisses in other muffin recipes, too. The coconut works well with the pumpkin and the pumpkin mixture is nicely spiced. BF and I are not fond of anything baked with pumpkin, but we liked these muffins. One of my father's friends who helped my father in the forest loved the muffins so much that BF gave him his and told him he (BF) could have more of those back home. My sister's comment was that they are special, and yes they are!

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tigerduck April 16, 2006

These muffins are wonderfully moist, spicy, and delicious! The coco-kiss heart adds the extra-special touch to this one, we can't get enough of them. I really enjoyed the texture of the cornmeal and the rich moisture contributed by the fresh pumpkin and sour cream. Simply fabulous! Best of luck and thanks!

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Cynna March 04, 2006

These were delightfully tasty. Thanks for taking the time to create this recipe.

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Trisha W March 02, 2006

Now I won't lie-this recipe isn't your ordinary bung it together and voila- muffins! There are a host of ingredients and the instructions (while not difficult at all) require more effort than I am willing to spend on a usual muffin. However, this is no everyday muffin.It has a bold mix of spices,sweetened and diluted with orange and pumpkin.They have a wonderful almost crumbly texture because of the cornmeal. And then inside a sweet rum and coconut treasure! I made the coconut kisses the night before and kept covered in the fridge and they seemed no worse the wear for it. Instead of submerging the balls in the batter I put half the mixture in the case,then a coconut ball and then blobbed over some more batter as they seemed quite large and I was concerned that they would be covered if I followed the instructions. They worked perfectly and cooked in exactly the right time. Overall a very special muffin that has inspired me to be a bit more creative in my baking. And it even had a vegetable! Try them hot out the oven while the centres still steam sweetly of rum, coconut and the Carribean...

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Bromleygirl March 01, 2006
Coco-Kiss Pumpkin Muffins