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This is a very flavourful and tasty rice and chickpeas pulao. I made it for lunch this afternoon. A couple of things: I used 1 inch piece of fresh ginger. 5 would be way too much for just a cup of rice. I substituted the brown rice with white Basmati rice. I added the lemon juice, salt and pepper in step one itself while cooking the rice and not once it was done. I used 2 pinches of black pepper and 1 1/2 tsps. of salt for this recipe. I used 4 sticks of curry leaves{this was the best thing because the rice came out really nice with the lovely aroma and flavour of curry leaves}. Now what I'd like to share is that I followed your recipe to the T but the problem is that the rice was not covered at all in the recipe when cooking and so, it came out quite soggy{wet} and the grains were not individual as it should normally be. So, next time, when I make this, I will remember to cover the rice, partially, once it has come to a boil and then cook it on simmer, leaving just a little of the pot open for the water to evaporate. Otherwise, it's a nice recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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Charishma_Ramchandani January 23, 2005
Coco - Banana's Chickpea, Lemon and Ginger Rice