Coca-Cola Basted Turkey Breast

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Total Time
2hrs 3mins
3 mins
2 hrs

Who knew that Coca-Cola could make the most wonderful turkey breast? Take a walk on the wild side and try this!

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  1. Put the turkey breast in a roasting pan or dutch oven.
  2. Pour half the can of Coca-Cola over the turkey.
  3. Roast in 325 degree oven, basting often, add more coke if necessary.
  4. When the temperature of the turkey breast reaches 195 degrees on a meat thermometer, or when the turkey timer pops up, the turkey is done.
  5. Use the pan drippings to make wonderful gravy!
  6. This can also be made in a crock pot but the skin won't be as crispy.
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So easy, and so tasty. I did it on the stove, very low heat, cooking for 6 hours. Very moist meat, great flavor, good sauce. I recommend it !! Served it with a side dish of basmati rice and sauteed mushrooms.