Cluckin' Lo Mein

READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by CookbookCarrie

I made this up when trying out about 12 other lo mein recipes. This is my variation and very good. I like more sauce as opposed to less, adjust the amount you want when you're putting yours together, you dont need to use it all.

Top Review by Chef Pollo

This is a great recipe! I made it with egg noodles, I think I'm going to try a diff kind next time - Goin to go for Farkay! Instructs were good, there was a moment there about adding rest of vinegar to jar I didn't quite understand, so I added 1/2 tbsp more vinegar to the sauce. All in all, good flavor, not too greasy or salty, nice amount of ginger and garlic. But you know how it is when you have ideas about what a dish is...I want to keep searching until I have the chow mein I get in restaurants here in BC. This is a yummy home chowmein tho', for certain! Thanks very much for sharing!!

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  1. In a glass bowl, combine the chicken, 2 tsp Sugar, 1 tablespoons Vinegar, and 1/4°C Soy Sauce.
  2. Mix together well, cover and marinate in the fridge for 1 hours.
  3. In a quart glass jar combine Chicken Broth, Water, Sesame Oil, ground black pepper, the rest of the sugar, vinegar, and soy sauce.
  4. Shake well.
  5. Pour a 1/2°C into a small bowl and dissolve the cornstarch in it well-- then pour it all together in the jar.
  6. Shake well.
  7. Heat 1 tbsp of canola oil in your wok, when it's smoking, add the chicken which you have drained well.
  8. Stir fry until the liquid evaporates and the chicken starts to brown.
  9. Put this on a plate and remove to a warm place.
  10. Heat 1 tablespoons of Canola oil in the Wok again, add garlic and ginger, stirring briefly until you can smell it start cooking.
  11. Add in the rest of your vegetables.
  12. Stir it up well and let cook until the vegetables start to wilt some.
  13. Scoot the veggies to the side and make a well in the middle.
  14. Pour in about half of the sauce from the jar.
  15. When it starts to warm up, mix in the veggies and add back the chicken.
  16. If you want more sauce, add more and stir until it heats up enough to start thickening.
  17. Once you have enough sauce, let it cook for a few minutes and then add in your warm drained linguine.
  18. Serve with steamed rice.
  19. Enjoy!

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