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Oh my, talk about childhood flashback!!! Every year, growing up, our neighbour served these at our Christmas present swap. She would either serve them at her place or bring a plate to ours. I took a batch to a Christmas party myself & they flew off the plate!!! Her filling varied slightly: ham, egg, then cheese slices (you know, the kind wrapped in plastic). When I made these I used your toppings, but just switched the cheese spread for slices. The tomato was a lovely addition. I also varied the bread, using white & rye for a nice presentation. Again, I don't know why I didn't review as I often look at this recipe with a smile. Thanks Jan for the trip down memory lane :-)

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MrsSPheonix July 07, 2012

This was an awesome sandwich. WE really enjoyed this tasty treat JustJanS. Excellent flavors, great textures, light, refreshing and filling. Loved how all the flavors blended beautifully together, yet you could still taste the cream cheese over everything else. This was a messy finger licking good sandwich, which I have already made three times. So yummy, it is perfect for either, breakfast, lunch or supper; as we had it the first time with a nice bowl of soup. Thank you so much for sharing a new family favorite, which has made it into My Favorites Cookbook for 2012....Kudos

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Baby Kato October 03, 2012
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