Clothes-pin cookies.(Lady-locks.)

READY IN: 1hr 12mins
Recipe by Beve

My fam. love these, I make them every holiday in the winter.

Top Review by 098arn

A very delicate dough. Marble rolling surface makes it easier to roll & cut the dough. Extra flour on your surface doesn't make the dough tough. Overnight refrigeration of the dough is a must. They are light, flaky & wonderful. The filling is just sweet enough, it's worth the extra time to make & far superior to the marshmallow fillings. I've used foil covered clothes pins before , too much hassle! Do yourself a favor, order yourself a box of cookie forms (shown in picture) (I ordered mine from " ". ). The cookie slides off easily without struggling or crumbling.

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  1. Make FILLING 1st, put in fridge till cookies are baked.
  2. FILLING: Cook on low til thickened, milk, flour.
  3. Cool in fridge.
  4. Beat tog marg and crisco.
  5. Beat well.
  6. Add vanilla, and sugar.
  7. Beat well.
  8. Add the cooled flour mixture& beat, beat beat!
  9. DOUGH: Measure flour, add a pinch salt.
  10. Cut in 1 pound marg or butter (as for pie crust).
  11. Blend in sour ceam (I used plain no-fat yogurt).
  12. Refrigerate overnite or at least 6 hours.
  13. Cut dough into 4 pieces.
  14. Roll out thin, 1 piece at a time (keep rest in fridge til ready to roll).
  15. Cut rolled piece into 1"x 4" long pieces.
  16. Wrap loosely around pins, (see NOTE) making sure dough overlaps somewhat, so as to not have"holes" or"gaps".
  17. Bake 350 about 12-15 minutes or till very lite golden color.
  19. When cool use pastry bag to fill;NOTE: Some stores sel the box of metal-"pins" to use.
  20. I have 1 box but it's not enough, so, I use clothes pins also.

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