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Oh my goodness these muffins are amazing! Just made them for the first time this morning, and I don't think I'll ever bother making any other kind of bran muffin! These will be my new go-to breakfast treat. They are so similar to the Mimi's cafe bran muffin---actually probably better! The tip about boiling the rasins in water before pureeing them was very helpful. There are a lot of steps (and you'll probably dirty a lot of dishes!) to these, but it is so worth it! I, too, baked these in silicone muffin pans and they popped out great. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

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wheresjen May 22, 2011

I loved this recipe and my wife loves me more for having tried it. I cut the honey in half and in its place used molasses for the glaze. I got this idea from someone who worked at Mimi's and knew more about their recipe. With the extra glaze I drizzled the top of the batter before baking it. This gave the top of the muffins the same moist texture that was on the bottoms. Do it. Also, inadvertently I used oat brand instead of wheat brand. They still turned out amazing.

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JAMES N. October 25, 2013

First- I could have easily divided the glaze in half. I used the glaze in the tin and on the top of each muffin every time and still have at least half left.

Second- I feel like the amount of honey in this recipe is way too much. If I use this recipe again, I will cut down the amount in the glaze as well as the muffin recipe by at least 25%.

I cooked the first dozen for 20 minutes and they were kind of dry, so the second I did 18 minutes and the third 17 minutes. I would definitely recommend 17-18 minutes.

And last, I am a wheat-a-holic and love using wheat in everything, so I did use 1 C of wheat flour as another reviewer had mentioned, and even with my love of wheat I didn't feel that it was the best in this recipe, so I would also recommend just using white flour or maybe 1/2 C of wheat flour and the rest white if you really would like to add some.

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MissSheryl May 18, 2012

These taste just like Mimi's oat bran muffins!

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Lmadden1110 March 05, 2013

OMG! These are fabulous! I have been looking for a recipe that equals Mimi's and this is it. I read the reviews and I did soak the raisins. I used half raisins and half dates. Also in the glaze I replaced half the honey with molasses as suggested. 20 minutes cook time was perfect for my stoneware muffin pan. Yes, they took longer than a simple muffin recipe. But well worth the few extra minutes prep time. Looking forward to making them again. Thanks for the recipe!

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maryann t August 06, 2016

Very good! I will try the molasses trick next time as I prefer darker muffins. I actually brushed the glaze directly onto a warm muffin also. Came out lovely. These will be served for Boxing Day breakfast to my houseful of guests. Thank you.

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Kimberley S. December 14, 2015

I thought this recipe was pretty good but I tweaked it a little based on the previous one I made which was so-so and other reviewers tips. I added 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of nutmeg. Into the fruit mixture I added a cup of crushed pineapple. The raisins were simmered on the stove in water for about ten minutes than I drained them and put them into the chopper to pulverize them. In the glaze I used less white sugar and added molasses. I also put about two tablespoons of glaze in the bottom of muffin tin and added some on top as well before baking.The best tip though was from a reviewer about the oven temp. I only baked them for 17 minutes and that made them perfect. Last time they were so dry I threw most of them out. I'm happy to say that this recipe is a keeper, it's perfect, moist and dense, not too sweet and a little spicy. Excellent.

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kate e. October 24, 2015

These muffins are RIDICULOUS. SO delicious! They are just as good in the following day or two as they are right out of the oven...they don't even need to be buttered or warmed up! The only change I made was to use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. I am not sure how other reviewers ended up with such strange proportions - I used all of the glaze and only had about two muffins worth of batter left over. It might be worth noting that each muffin should get about a teaspoon of glaze brushed into the cup. This is such an interesting batter. All of the other recipes I found for these muffins used much fewer raisins, so I was a little skeptical, but yes, use three cups of boiled raisins! Measure, boil, process. Also, I was surprised that the instructions didn't include spraying the muffin tins. As long as the muffins are flipped over while still hot, they'll slide right out.

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annacacevedo April 28, 2015

Great base recipe. I made some alterations because we love mimi's muffins but we also are watching our processed sugar intake. So I did a mixture of raisins and dates for my puree and added 2 Tbsp flax seeds and a 1/4 of water to add moisture and fiber. I also subbed the oil for unsweetened apple sauce. I used 1 C AP flour and 2 C Wheat Flour, I needed to add a bit more buttermilk because Whole Wheat Flour soaks up more liquid and the batter was a bit dry. My kids love raisins in their muffins so they sprinkled about a half cup more whole raisins into the batter before we portioned it into the muffin tin to bake. They were fantastic, even without the syrup over the top.

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Mechelle M. January 28, 2015

Very clever innovative recipe - changed a few things to taste after the first time, but otherwise these are spectacular. Almost half the bulk is the fruit - I never would have guessed. And the bran was just the right proportion so that the muffins are still light. Wonderful.<br/><br/>The only change I would make is to the prep time - I have made these three times - never got the glaze and the batter assembled and put in the pans in less than 35 minutes. There are a lot of ingredients to gather and measure!!! It also made 3.5 dozen in my tins - although mine are so old they might be an entirely different size.<br/><br/>Thank you so much for developing and posting this recipe. Quite a wonderful treat - we tray freeze and keep them for weeks (if we don't have company - if we do they have not lasted that long:))

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Suzanne C. August 31, 2014
Close to Mimi's Honey Bran Muffins