Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

I found this "recipe" on the internet and I will never buy Clorox Anywhere Spray again!


  1. Mix bleach and water in bottle.
  2. Shake to mix.
Most Helpful

Thanks for this, much cheaper. Only one caution with it though, you might want to mix in smaller quantities that you will use faster. Bleach evaporates in water, so if you don't use this up rather quickly, you are essentially just using water. The Clorox people must have figured out a way to counter-act this, wish I knew how!

JenniferK2 April 26, 2009

I use this spray all the time, so easy and cost efficient! I use it every other week when I wash my cat litter box, just spray it and let it sit for a few minutes, rinse and dry. Kitties have fresh litter in a fresh litter box. I use it in the bathroom and kitchen. I have not purchased any store bought cleaners in quite a while. Thanks :)

Bobtail September 16, 2009

it's good to have it "written" down where i can find it...i make a batch up twice a month

pigtailone June 18, 2012