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This is a wonderful cleanser! I made it as soon as I saw it:-) Since I did not have naptha soap at home, I used vanilla pear as a substitute. I did add essential oils to this cleanser in step 7. I used lavender oil, patchouli oil, orange oil, jasmine oil, eucalyptus oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil, rose oil and chamomile oil. This made this cleanser smell soooo good that I left it in a bucket at the entrance of my house for the whole of last night and oh my, my house smelt so good I can't tell you in words! I used it to clean my kitchen sink and now its shining and sparkling like new!!!! I'm going to use this tomorrow to clean my bathroom tub. UPDATE: I used this today after cooking dinner to clean my kitchen tile floor. My God! It is shining and looks so clean and not just clean, it is so soft too to my feet. Update: Over the last few days, I have used this in alot of places and its worked like the wand of a fairy, just leaves everything so sparkling clean and wonderful(smells good too with the essential oils I added). I have used this to remove soap scum and some black mark deposits I had on my shower curtain. They were gone with scrubbing this cleanser on them with a sponge. My shower curtain looks brand new now! I also used this to clean the electric unit on which I cook all the food everyday. There were some black marks and oil stains and turmeric stains on it...all of which have gone thanks to this awesome cleanser! I can't thank you enough for posting this recipe. I have shared this with alot of folks and everyone's so happy with it. Thanks so much for such a nice recipe!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 17, 2004

I would have given this 5 stars but I found the yield did not = the 2 gallons that it specified. It was a little confusing to me that the beginning stated starting with 4 cups of water but the end of the recipe stated "water, to make 2 gallons". Did it mean add 2 gallons of water or minus the 4 cups? I followed the recipe exactly as written and it did not become "thick and goopy". Even after cooling, it was not the right consistency. I did use the proper ingredients (not baking soda, but washing soda as specified). And, mine did become foamy when cooking. Was I supposed to stir? I did. Anyway, I was ready to throw away the mixture but decided to just add a little more of the borax, washing soda and fels naptha. Great idea! It did become goopy. Maybe a little too much but goopy was my goal! I then cooled it for several hours and had a nice gloppy kettleful of the nicest smelling cleaning product! The bad part is that I was going to remodel my bathroom because my old tub and shower enclosure lost its sparkle. But, this cleaner made it shine! The glass did not streak and the tub was clean as almost new! I can put the remodeling on hold for a little longer. When using, it did not foam and rinsing was minimal. Other products streak and take a long time to rinse off. I have determined that you really cannot mess this recipe up! If it is thick, use it that way. I put the finished product in old shampoo bottles and plastic containers. Amazingy how easy and cheap it is to just take a glop of it and clean away. This may not look pretty but I guarantee the results will be. Thank you Sully!!!!

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Bev erly July 10, 2007

This stuff is awesome!! I used it in the laundry, and everything came out nice and clean, I used it on my mudroom floor, which I never thought would come clean, and all the crud came right off. I did not dilute it down, I left it in the jelly form and dissolve a table spoon or two in hot water for cleaning, and just dump a couple of tablespoons of the goop in the washer under the running water before adding the clothes. A little goes a long way.

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bparsons0429 June 04, 2012

LilDaemon, are you using BAKING soda instead of WASHING soda? They are not the same, and this may be causing the problem. Washing soda is sold on the asile where the detergents are located.

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Deep South July 10, 2008

I wanted very badly for this to work, but I must not have done something right, even though I followed the directions. Mine never gelled together, and ended up a paste. I still decided to use it, so I've mixed it with some water and shook it up in an old Soft scrub bottle, and it's a great cleaner, but I want that wonderfully-smelling gel that everyone's mentioning. I tried sending this to the author, but I guess they don't come on as much anymore. Can someone help me? A couple of questions: 1) When you add the ingredients, are you supposed to keep the temperature on high and let it boil to become like honey, or do you turn it down? more specifically: what temperature(s) should I be cooking it at? 2) When it becomes foamy, what should you do? Mine was VERY foamy, and it didn't mix well at all...I even tried adding more ingredients to it and still no luck. 3) How long do you cook it before it turns to the honey-like consistency? 4) Are you supposed to stir it at all? If so, how often? 5) Any other tips?

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LilDaemon November 22, 2007

Can't believe that I forgot to revie this marvellous cleaner, I guess I got too busy using it. I made a batch a few month and have been using it to clean many things around my house, can't recommend this enough. I admit I got a little confused with the consistency but soon realized it's not a cake I can adjust the consistency to my liking and different applications. With my second batch I chose to make the recipe adding only about 2 litre of water which makes it very thick but takes up less valuable storage room in my small apartment. I then take up a little heat and dilute as needed. Thank you so much, I'm also sharing this wonderful cleaner with family and friends.

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97grad August 02, 2007

This really works!!We or I couldn`t find Fels naptha here in Canada,so used Sunlight bar soap.I use it for everything.I had a bad coffee stain on my good tablecloth,that had been washed and dried,the stain was huge!Well I just rubbed this on and left for a few days,then washed again and stain was gone!!So thank you for recipe.

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lin1 March 23, 2007

i used this to clean with when i spring clean my house & going to use it again at fall..I added the lemon for scent...i even use this to clean my walls & trim around the house & it really cleans it clean..the house smells great...friends a family come over just to see the house & enjoy the smell.. i am passing this recipe around...

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Littlemomma August 30, 2005

I love this cleaner it is really good. I also Decided to try making a paste from this recipe which I have done It works really well on stubborn stains. All i did was mixed all the ingredients up like the normal recipe added it to the four cups of water cooked it then let it cool down.

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wombat March 18, 2004

Thia cleanser worked great and rinsed easily--however, it did not completely clean my grout. (Guess my grout was nastier EEEK!) I think next time I will try the other reviewer's suggestion of making a thicker paste to try on the grout. Thanks for posting!

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Tamaretta July 05, 2007
Cleans Everything Cleaner (Even Grout!)