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Fantastic!!!!! Bev I'm sorry I haunted you with all my questions, I did not understand the steps because my machine locks automaticly (a safety feature) when you select a programme and cannot be opened after the cycle is finished.Thats why I could not let it fill with water and then add the bleach. This is what I did: 1 Emptied a bottle of bleach in the machine. 2 Selected the longest programme and the hottest temperature 3 Switched on. Did the same for the vinegar wash.I have a beautiful clean machine and the musty smell is gone. Years of trying to clean it with little success by myself, it is now done by the machine itself with an incredible result. One thing I should mention is that when I checked halfway on the bleach wash there was foam pouring out of the machine, it must have been the years of soap build-up, I cleaned it and did not panic about it, also don't think it will happen next time. This morning I did a wash and it came out beautiful and fresh smelling like it should! Many, many thanks for posting this Bev!!!

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Pets'R'us June 07, 2003

A Five Star all the way...with Shannon and family living here that thing sure had a bad smell for some reason? I know it works because my towels came out with the best smell ...Thank You so very much Bev...That is one thing I no longer have to worry about. Have a good day. Hugs

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Braunda June 12, 2003

What a helpful suggestion and recipe! I had NO IDEA that I was getting a slimy build up in my wonderful new Maytag washer, but it does make a lot of sense to me. I'm off to the store to get the ingredients this morning. I would normally wait until after the treatment, but since I can't actually see inside of the machine or perhaps even tell the difference, I'm just giving you 5 stars for the very helpful suggestion, Bev. Thanks!

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Geema June 05, 2003

this was sooooooo easy and so great, I had a funky smell in my washer, every wash smelled like it sat over night, the washer was clean to look at but couldn't get rid of it, this worked like a charm thank you thank you thank you!

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Pumpkie June 11, 2003

I haven't tried this yet, but I wanted to give a quick tip; If you use fabric softener with your towels it will make them more water resistant which is counterproductive. The same goes for using a dryer sheet. Although we all love soft towels it leaves a "film" which creates a bit of a barrier to water. Update: I have started using white vinegar in place of Softener to all of my clothes and everything comes out amazingly soft! I have an HE washer, so I use 1/4 cup at the most. Any vinegar smell always dissipates after drying.

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nsomniak6 January 01, 2009

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!! I had no idea how great this simple "recipe" would work! Now my washer is clean and fresh. i can not open mine once it starts- so i just let it run a full cycle with the bleach, and then and full cycle with the vinigar. Thank you so very much! So quick and easy!!

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Loves2Teach June 13, 2003

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been trying to get my washer clean for months!! This is the answer to my prayers. Although I did use these two products to try and clean it in the past, I just didn't use it like this!! What a surprise to see how much "yuck" comes out of your machine! Thanks again for posting this. It is a life-saver.

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JaydensMommy22 June 10, 2003

Thank you for sharing this recipe Bev, as well as answering all of my questions. I did run a tub of rinse water through between the bleach cycle and the white vinegar cycle 'cause I read that bleach and white vinegar let off toxic fumes. There probably wouldn't be many toxic fumes, but I decided I'd prefer no toxic fumes to even a trace. Two days later and my washer still smells so fresh. Even though I couldn't see sludge, I knew there had to be buildup inside the pump, agitator and hoses. Now I feel comforatable that this has been removed! :-)

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Cindy Lynn June 15, 2003

Auntie Bev, I'm rating this without trying it because I'm so blown with happiness with this idea! I will try this tomorrow and write another review. But till then, I just wanted you to know I needed a recipe like this so much, and I didn't think there really could exist one! THANK U for sharing this creative good idea! Update: With your timely help, my washing machine is glowing and sparkling like a silver coin! This is one of the best Zaar recipes I've ever come across till today. I'm so thrilled I've tried this. I will repeat this every 3 months(we have hard water here). My washing machine looks brand NEW now! A WORLD OF THANKS, Auntie Bev!!

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Charishma_Ramchandani June 10, 2003

Works like magic! I had left my washer in storage while I lived overseas for a year. When I retrieved my washer, it reeked of sour mildew and had a nasty film inside, even though I had cleaned it thoroughly before putting it in storage. Using this method twice removed the horrible smell and left the interior sparkling clean. Thank you for saving my washing machine!

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HeatherFeather October 22, 2003
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