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On one hand I had high hopes for this, on the other great concerns. I wondered how it'd cook without the cheese and sour cream curdling, but decided the flour might hold the sour cream together and the clay pot might be magic enough to stop the cheese going the same way. Wrong. If we eat with our eyes, tonight I wish I was blind.-This really tasted good but looked so unappealing I'm glad it was just the two of us eating. I fried my mushrooms in the oil and used thyme instead of marjoram. Like I said, taste was good but I wouldn't make this again sorry Jules.

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JustJanS January 12, 2010

I would give this 5 stars, loved it, but the other 3 said 4. Their reasons were varied, Kate hated the taste imparted by the pot, which no one else noticed. Hubby said it was very good, but not exceptional. my son in law just doesnt like dark chicken meat (?) So it gets a 4, BUT a very very good dish, easy to make, and I would do it in a casserole if you havent got a clay pot. I usede leg and thigh (maryland) and I thought it was an ideal meat for this dish. Thanks Jewels, good recipe :)

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mummamills July 13, 2009

This rating came on the basis that the DH said 3 the DM and DS 5 and I said 4 so we took the middle ground. I went out today and bought a clay pot from the local oriental supermarket today to make this (sought of reminded me of a chicken stroganoff) and it cost $17.95 - a worthwhile investment I think. I disected 2 small chickens and used 4 half breasts and 2 merrylands (they were a snug fit in the bottom on of the clay pot) and their weight was exactly 1K. I did sub tarragon for the marjoram and used 2 teaspoons of fresh oregano and only 3 green onions/spring onions and onion powder instead of onion salt. Thank you Jewelie for introducing me to the claypot.

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I'mPat July 08, 2008

Made and reviewed for the Aus/Nzs recipe swap #18, July 2008. The flavours of the chicken and mushrooms went so well with the sour cream and the white wine.

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djmastermum July 01, 2008
Clay Pot Swiss Chicken and Mushrooms