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Thoroughly enjoyed this, as did my husband, kids, and 2 guests! It was very easy, and had a great flavor. I surely will be making this again. Some notes: The caraway, which is optional, is what really made the dish delicious and a bit different. I used chicken leg quarters, which I cut, removing whatever fat I could. For ease, I used my food processor to chop the garlic and parsley, then added the Italian dressing, 1 t. salt and some pepper. Marinated in a freezer bag overnight. I cut the carrots into chunks and used lots more - they were the first to go, so I do recommend lots if your family eats them. I added 3 small onions to my clay pot, and next time, I think I'll also add some cut up cabbage. Also, the chicken will make its own juice in the pot. After cooking, I put the chicken in a pan under the broiler for a couple of minutes to further brown/crisp it, removed the veggies to a serving dish, and defatted the chicken liquid to serve alongside. Yum! Thanks again, Angela, for a winning recipe. This was one of my choices for Pick-a-Chef, and now I'm sure glad I played!

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Dorie's Lori November 07, 2006

I love the caraway seeds with this! I may never make chicken without them again. Fantastic recipe!!

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A Spiring Chef July 15, 2007

I'm cooking this now in my clay pot. I did not notice that the chicken is to be cut up and it's baking whole. Any suggestions?

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Marianne P. January 02, 2016

Great. I chose some other vegetables, but followed your recipe. Fantastic:<br/>Here are some pics of it:<br/>http://imgur.com/a/2UuIV

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Xroomie June 08, 2013
Clay Pot Chicken With Garlic Carrots and Potatoes