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YUCK!!!I don't know why this recipe is so popular. I tried it and found the pickles to be so salty that they were inedible. I thought maybe I made a mistake. I tried again but cut the salt and still found them too salty. Believe me, I love salty food but these were horrible. I'm not new to canning, I've been doing it for more years than I care to reveal. I just made another batch but used Claussen-Like Refrigerator Pickles which calls for just 1T. Of salt. Will update in a few days.

The new batch using Claussen-Like Refrigerator Pickles came out fantastic! Really fresh tasting!

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Burger Monster September 06, 2011

Note: The amount of cucumbers is approximate, because the amount can vary with the size and shape of the cucumbers being used. A 1-gallon container holds 5 pounds of fresh cucumbers. A 5-gallon container holds 25 pounds of fresh cucumbers. :-)

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Dee514 July 12, 2010

OK, I'm going to have some serious issues with this one - it's only been three days and I'm already hitting them hard. :o) WOW are they great! The first day they were a little soggy but they are getting more crisp every day. YUM... I didn't have any canning salt so I used 2/3 c. of kosher. It is a little salty so I may cut it back a little next time, but I'm loving it. Thanks for the recipe - I'm glad I tried it early in the canning season so I can put up plenty!

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Gramma Rox August 11, 2009

I opened an account on this site just so I could add a review for this recipe. I have been trying for years to perfect a claussen's type pickle, and have put many batches on the compost pile. This recipe on the otherhand WORKED! I did tweek my second batch by adding 1 T peppercorns and 2 tsp of red pepperflakes, and they are awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, one more batch and I'll have enough for a year!

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kscalligraphy@aol.com August 19, 2011

Very close tasting to a Claussen. When I make this again I would add more garlic. I highly recommend using this Homemade Vegetable Wash/Preserver That Works! (Spray or Soak) you would not believe how many bugs came off the dill heads! It's difficult wondering what size dill head to use. Some were green, not quite opened and others were flowered.

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lets.eat July 27, 2010

I approached this recipe a bit differently. I made the pickle recipe exactly as dictated and it was WAY to salty. We had to throw out the batch. On the second round I made three batches: batch #1 was the listed recipe with 1/4 cup pickling salt and white distilled vinegar. I bottled them and placed them immediately into the fridge. Batch #2 was 1/4 cup pickling salt and apple cider vinegar. Immediately into the fridge. Batch #3 was exactly like batch #1 but I fermented it on the counter for three days before refrigeration. I also bought a jar of Claussen halves for comparison. I compared the brines before canning and the only thing that seemed to be missing was the dill. We waited 7 days and then a did blind taste test. The results were---1 person rated the Claussen pickles as the best based on overall flavor. Two people selected my #1 batch of pickles as best. Everyone said that batch #1 had the best crunch. Everyone said that batch #3 that fermented on the counter for three days was their least favorite and all said it had the least crunch. All the pickles were good and won't go to waste in this house.

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wtm2025 May 30, 2015

This is really a great recipe. I made a double batch and filled 8 qt jars. At first, I thought I would have way too much liquid, but it turned out to be exactly the right amount. I used fresh cucumbers and dill weed from my garden (1 sprig per jar). I had to buy dill seed because I did not have enough seed heads, and I substituted about 1 tsp dill seed (crushed a little to release the flavor) for each dill head. I substituted kosher salt for canning/pickling salt, white vinegar for cider vinegar, and I added several whole peppercorns and some crushed red pepper flakes. I put the pickles in the refrigerator as soon as they had cooled a bit because I read that it's less safe to leave them at room temperature for any length of time. After one week, they are DELICIOUS. Using cucumbers and dill from my garden gives them a fresh flavor that even the Claussens lack.

Next time I would probably cut down the onion a lot -- they are really oniony, almost a bit sweet, which I do not like, and I would also add more garlic. I think mine may become more garlicky over time, but I put two whole cloves per jar and I think I will crush or grate the garlic next time. Also, I will divide the seasonings between each jar instead of boiling them with the brine. It will make pouring in the brine much easier and ensure that each jar has the same level of flavor. I had a blast making these, and I am so excited they turned out. Thank you to Bonnie for the recipe!

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sulcoll88 August 29, 2011

This is a wonderful pickle, Crisp and very fresh tasting. We actually ate a huge jar one night at supper, we just kept talking and taking a dill. I have to make more to keep us thru the winter. Id give it a 10 if I could.

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bigbadbrenda September 10, 2010

Absolutely great, maybe better than the original. I'm starting my 3rd batch once again in gallon size. Thinking of making more as gifts if I can find more big mouth gallon jars. All the family loves them. JoeC Zion, IL

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Couperjoe November 05, 2009

way way way too much salt dont waste time with this bogus recipe

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sonshinesmuscadines January 27, 2013
Claussen Kosher Pickle Copycat