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O'kay when I went to make this I decided to use salmon and for dietary reasons use no onion and to use the tasty cheese option and also use tasty cheese for the parmesan as my lot hate parmesan calling it stinky or spewy cheese and had to omit the parsley as our parsley bushes were decimated in our recent heart wave but hopefully with the recent rains will be on the way the recovery but I had a huge problem with making the white/cheese sauce it was so lumpy even after beating it well with a whisk and did not thicken as much as I would like but went ahead and added the cheese and then found a big lump of flour on the side of the pot and knew it would not thicken so made a thick roux and added some of the cheese sauce to it and then added it back into the other pot and got a thicker sauce but not has thick as expected. Drained the cooked pasta and returned to its pot and then added the salmon mornay mix and put in prepared dish but it nearly overflowed so transferred to a bigger dish and put bread crumbs over but didn't have enough in the cup to processed another 2 slices bread (wholemeal/wholegrain) [initially processed 4 slices] and followed through with butter and cheese and baked at 175C fan force for 40 minutes but, my dish was ready an hour prior to that for going in the oven and the top was lovely and crispy and I thoroughly enjoyed the end result but others would have preferred without the bread crumbs and just had a heap of cheese on top which is how I usually make it. I also had 2 serves left over and served with a garden salad and coleslaw. Thank you Tisme for a recipe which I think is better than the one I normally make myself but others thought otherwise (maybe they were being kind but knowing them so I doubt), made for Make My Recipe tag game.

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I'mPat May 12, 2014

This is a really wonderful recipe which even my fussy 3 year old loved. My son is very ill and he just really got stuck into it. Many thanks truly

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pve72075 July 11, 2008

Wonderful comfort meal. I used ziti pasta and cheddar cheese. The kids and I gobbled this up and I'll definitely make again soon. Good instructions - and do what Tisme suggests and make your own breadcrumbs - much better than store-bought.

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evelyn/athens March 31, 2008

This was absolutely delicious! I thought the amount of pasta seemed small but it had such a rich creamy sauce that small portions were necessary. I used one tin of normal tuna and one of smoked tuna and it added an extra flavour to the wonderful sauce. My only change was to the amount of breadcrumbs, I only used about half a cup since it seemed a rather generous amount. My kids ate it up and my sister in law who also made the recipe (and had it devoured by everyone including a nineteen month old) said 5 stars as well. Thanks for the recipe!

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Perfectionist cook January 22, 2008
Classic Tuna Mornay