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My small, 21 month old son says it best about this drink - "Ummmm, numa-numa!!!!" with a huge grin on his face and a chocolate mustache, then looking greedily at the cup. If you picture this scene in your head, you will know what this family thinks of this drink. It is numa-numa - absolutely delicious, and very easy to make, and very impressive, and I can't think of a single thing that would improve it. After making it twice, though, once with whole milk and once with 1%, I can say that while it is delicious either way, the whole milk makes a much richer, more "numa" drink. Also, I used instant espresso powder instead of coffee powder because that was all we had. Delicious, LLBunny - really really delicious. BTW - I tried making this recipe substituting white chocolate for the bittersweet - it's DELICIOUS! Give that variation a try, too.

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P4 January 17, 2003

This is very tasty and rich. I first tired using a wire whisk and found it very bothersome to keep whisking away, boiling, whisking, etc. Then I tried this with an electric frother whisk and it was a much more pleasant experience- if you have one,that is definitely the best way to go here. I used a bar of bitterwseet Lindt chocolate in this, which worked very nicely.

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HeatherFeather April 19, 2003

Excellent!!!!It is veryyyy flavorsome and mouthwatering!!!!!!!! Strongy tantalizing and pleasurable and partialy gratifying!I felt toothsome ensuing devouring and consuming this calibogus!!!!! thank you very much~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Andrea Nazarevich May 21, 2003

I have been searching for this recipe since tasting the original in Spain. I never imagined it would be so simple to make. It is exactly like I remember it.

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Dani.h April 27, 2003

This is so good!!!!!!!!!! I used Gheridelli's semisweet chocolate, and added the coffeed powder, nutmeg and mandering orange rind. I'm very happy to add all those things because boy, did they ever add flavour!

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Studentchef January 14, 2009

It's a tradition in our country to have hot chocolate (tablets) during new year's eve, and I was plannning to make a very good one for my husband using the chocolates I had on hand. I blended semi-sweet, bittersweet chocolates and used unsweetened chocolate in lieu of the coffee, and my husband was very impressed! For those who really love to drink thick hot chocolate the classic/traditional way, the molinillo is something you should really try. In our country, this is called chocolate (pronounced cho-ko-la-te) de baterol.

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herbs and spices January 01, 2008

I had been eyeing this recipe for a couple of weeks when, low and behold, I got a giant bar of bittersweet, Belgian chocolate for my anniversary (clearly a sign). I followed the recipe to a T, except no orange. This is a fantastic recipe, except I did find the nutmeg a little intrusive. Maybe I'd feel differently if I'd had a churro in the other hand. Next time I'll leave the nutmeg out all together or just add a dash. Espresso powder might be nice to try, as well, in place of the instant coffee. Also, I put some Asbach (German riesling brandy) in it just to experiment and that was mighty tasty. Now if only I had a cream whipper....

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Messy Chef December 14, 2007

Delicious. I did leave out the orange rinds, and what resulted reminds me of the hot chocolate we'd drink at the summertime feasts in Spain when my brother and I were children. Now all I need are churros to go along with this decadent drink. Thank you so much for posting.

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Scribbler515 July 03, 2007

I am in full agreement with Jangomango and the other reviewers. I will find it difficult to ever have dry hot chocolate mix when this is so easy and beyond words delicious! Winter's chill brought me to the website searching for a satisfying hot chocolate. I followed the recipe and process EXCEPT that I didn't have orange/mandarin orange rind and substituted 1/8th teaspoon of tangerine oil and used 1c whole milk & 1c half & half. As a FYI the 4oz of semisweet chocolate chips were Tollhouse and I couldn't have been happier with the taste (wonder how Ghiradelli chips would taste?). Lastly, I used a hand held, battery operated frothing whisk each time I heated and then wisked. What a thick, unbelievable drink. In my husband's words it was INCREDIBLE. I'm also thinking what a great drink to serve him for an amorous evening ...

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Bohemian on a sojourn January 15, 2007
Classic Spanish Hot Chocolate Drink