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The only reason I gave this 4 stars was because the dough was very hard to work with (everything else was 5 stars). The dough was extremely sticky and even though I floured the countertop and the rolling pin, the dough stuck to everything - including my fingers, which I floured. It was absolutely pointless to roll it out and cut it into wedges because when you went to pull up the piece to place on the cooking sheet, you mangled the piece beyond recognition. I pretty much ended up scrapping the pieces off the countertop and forming little blobs on the cooking sheet. However, this did NOT affect the taste of the scone one bit. They were DELICIOUS!!!! Since I don't know how to count or cut a circle into 12 equal pieces, I ended up cutting it into 16 pieces (still not equal) so they were a little on the small side. But, I was able to eat 2 scones for the price of 1. I normally find scones to be on the DRY side, which is why I hesitated on making this recipe. But these were the complete opposite. When they came out of the oven, I cut my scones in half and drizzled honey on top. They were YUMMY! Next time I'm not even going to bother rolling out the dough. Instead I'm going to drop the dough onto the cooking sheet by tablespoons and flatten them slightly with my fingers. I also want to add cranberries to them and maybe sprinkle some sugar on top before baking them. Thanks Dayla!

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Trixyinaz April 06, 2003

It's excellent! Very easy to make and the scones turn out to be crispy outside and soft inside. I follow up to step no.5 then use spoons to scoop the mixture out to make small doughs. It is sticky so why use hands?? Add raisins makes it more delicious.

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3388 June 17, 2003

good and easy, I doubled the sugar and used vanilla yogurt, then bushed coffee creamer on top and sprinkled sugar on it. I didn't need to double the sugar, I was worried it wouldn't be sweet enough but it was plenty sweet. Simple and easy, was sticky even with a little added extra flour I didn't roll it I just plopped clumps down on the pan.

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newtocookingm&m June 12, 2010

These scones are very different from all the ones Ive tried so far (which is many). They have a quite eggy taste, which reminds me of pancakes. But this said, they are very, very YUMMY and a lovely addition to my scones routine! :) The dough was quite easy to work with, but I made them into drop scones, so that I wouldnt have any stickyness problems. That worked out perfectly. As Emme suggested in her review, I only made six scones, which resulted in nicely sized ones (~1tbs of dough per scone). THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this lovely recipe with us, Dayla! Ill make it again!

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Lalaloula July 26, 2009

These scones were quite nice. The batter was not runny, but very very sticky. I just floured the counter quite heavily, as well as the dough. I didn't roll it - I just kneaded it a few times and patted it into a loaf. I then used a spatula to cut the loaf in half lengthways, then cut the 'sticks' into six. I used the spatula to scrape the scones off the counter and dropped them onto a tray lined with baking paper. The unbaked scones looked miniscule, but they did puff up nicely when baked. The scones only needed about 8 minutes in my fan forced oven. The scones were still quite small, and in the future I would only cut them into 6 at the most. The scones were light, soft and moist, and had a slight taste reminiscent of pancakes. I also used a vanilla flavoured yogurt. I would make these again, but am currently trying out a few scone recipes to find the favourite.

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Emme of Lauderdale September 03, 2008

AWESOME! very soft and not at all dry. I like this basic recipe becuase it leaves room to add what ever you like. I also suggest sprinkling a bit of sugar on the tops prior to baking. I love that it's light and healthy too!

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Jenni D February 15, 2008

Had a great flavor. I cut the recipe in half and made 4, and also used strawberry yogurt for more flavor. Didn't have any problem with the dough, just recommend having enough flour on the counter, and I kneaded it a bit in that. Very good scone for the calories, soft too.

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djafishfria June 03, 2007

These were good -- almost crumpet like, rather than crumbly like a scone. I added currants, which gave them more flavor. I calculated 1.5 points for those on Weight Watchers.

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Cwpante July 04, 2005

These were delicious, but the batter was far too runny to roll and cut, as said! But I use a spoon to scoop it in a backing tray and they came fantastic!! The only drawback I found: they are so delicious and light, that I ate them all in a sitting two times...

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teresaspindel March 16, 2004

The preparation was extremely easy - the dough was soooooooooooo sticky though i ended up overflouring it and not getting the perfect texture. Could do with some more leavening and sugar i think.

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HnP June 09, 2003
Classic Scones