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This was my first time making a loaf of bread with no assistance (I usually let the bread machine make the dough), but I was thrilled by the challenge! I have been growing a sourdough starter for almost two weeks and wanted to try it out and do it right. This recipe was terrific! I was worried my starter wasn't "sour" enough, and while it will surely get better with time, it was enough to make this bread taste like a real sourdough loaf! My arms are sore from kneading, but the bread came out like a dream! It's all we could do not to eat a whole loaf at once! Oh yeah, and it's true that the flavor became more pronounced after waiting. We ate it about 45 minutes out of the oven and it was good, but the next day it actually tasted distinctly like a sourdough loaf. Great recipe thanks!!

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phanie42 January 24, 2011

Very very good. I did need to add a teaspoon of yeast as my starter lacked the livelyness it should have had. The end product was excellent!!! Looks great and tastes great. Worth the effort. Thanks for posting!

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The Jelly Room November 14, 2010

This is a great recipe. I made 2 loaves & baked it in pans. I left one plain & made the other into a cinnamon swirl loaf. I did mix & knead my dough in my KA mixer & it worked fine. The bread has a lovely sourdough flavour. It came out with a nice crispy crust even though I did not put water in the oven while baking. I will make this recipe again. Thanks for posting it startnover.

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Demelza March 15, 2011

Ohhoho! I am a home breadmaker with over 25 years practice & this is the BEST sourdough bread recipe I have ever come across. Admittedly some luck depends on the vigor of your starter but this recipe using bread flour & bread machine for mixing yielded the most lovely dense but bubbly crumb that is perfect for sandwihes, toast & eating plain. Aroma out of the oven was sour intoxicating - covered the loaves with a kitchen towel while cooling to keep the crust from being too crisp. Love the wash - it accentuates the blisters beneath the crust (indicative of the perfectly textured bred inside). This is now my GO-TO recipe for San Fran style sourdough bread! Thanks homegirl!

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Buster's friend August 15, 2007

I can't believe I've waited so long to review this recipe. I've been baking this bread every Sunday for most of the summer, and it's perfect. I feed my starter with all purpose flour, and make my sponge with the same, but for the remaining cups of flour, I've started using sprouted whole wheat flour, and it works out great. I bake in loaf pans, and we use for sandwiches, toast, and anything else. A solid recipe!

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Meliska August 18, 2013

Excellent! I had been using another sourdough bread recipe, but this is so much better. The bread came out crusty on the outside and soft and high on the inside with a slight sourdough tang. My starter is only 2 weeks old, so it should get better. My husband and I couldn't wait for 2 hrs. to cut the loaf. We ate half of it slathered with butter 15 minutes out of the oven. Thanks for a fantastic recipe. I will be making this over and over again. No more store bought bread.

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jaroseland_10534351 September 10, 2010

I was born and raised in California, since moving to the East coast, I have not had good sour dough. I made this using the Alaska Sourest Dough (starter) Alaska Sourest Dough (Starter). It took a lot longer to cook, probably because family would not stay out of the oven, they were hungry!!! Anyway, we cut one straight out of the oven, It was delicious. I can't wait to try the second loaf after the "2 hour wait to develop flavors". I plan on making this again for dinner with family, but will be making bread bowls for potato soup. My starter is only 5 days old, I can't wait until it gets even more sour!!! Then I am going to try 1/2 whole wheat or buckwheat flour Thank you homegirl, now all I need is some California Cheddar and some gallo salami!!! (Update: the family loved the sourdough bread bowls, it was really good with the Potato soup Potato Soup, it was 10 stars!!!)

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heartnurse2006 November 24, 2007

I tried this recipe as a second attempt at sourdough bread. For Christmas I received a whole grain cookbook that was very vague about the sourdough starter and directions for the bread making. Once I saw this one, I decided to try it as I still had some starter left. Once reading the directions in their entirety I realized one mistake I made the first time; I didn't mix some of the flouer with the starter and let it sit overnight, I just mixed the ingredients, kneaded and let rise a mere 1.5 hours. The bread was anything but sour from THAT recipe. This recipe however produced two amazing loaves of bread!!! The cornstarch wash turned out great, additionally before brushing I misted the bread twice in 8 minutes, then at the 10 minute mark, I brushed them with the wash. All in all I let the inital ingredients sit under cover in the oven for about 15 hours, then another couple once shaped into long loaves. We couldn't wait more than 15 minutes to break into the first loaf (it was astounding), but the second will tell the tale on how much the sourdough develops in a two or more hour period. I baked the bread on a stone center oven after allowing the oven to preheat at 425 for 30 minutes, then reduced the temp to 400 and slid the bread in using a make-shift bakers' peel. Thanks again for the great recipe! I'm going to experiment with other sourdough starters. I found the recipe for an "Alaskan Style" starter that looks slightly different than the one I used although I'm completely stoked about the one I made already. I think I might try it to see if I can discern a difference. I had no idea that people actually handed down starters from genereation to generation... Amazing! Thanks again for a wonderful recipe and easy to follow instructions. It has become my go to recipe for SF style sourdough!

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Ian Magary December 29, 2011

This is now my only SF Sourdough bread recipe - we live in Montana and I've even baked it one day and driven it to Arizona the next to deliver to Grandma... (OK we were already going but she LOVED the bread we brought too). I captured my starter wild with NO yeast, and it took it easily 6 months to get good and sour - still used it in the meantime but it finally got GREAT. For folks new to sourdough, my advice is to stick with it and let it work out your patience muscle... I let my batch raise up to 8 hours the second rise (step 5) for some seriously good sourdough action, but then we have a cooler climate/room temp than many other areas. This is great!!! Thanks!

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TJ-Montana January 02, 2010

I did everything that this recipe said and my bread is not so much sour as weird tasting. I am so disappointed! Maybe this is because of my starter? I used the starter with the most 5-star ratings from this site. If anyone has any tips/suggestions please let me know.

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bellysmom July 14, 2009
Classic San Francisco Sourdough Bread