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I have made potato salad before. I've had other's potato salad before. I get it. So I thought. But I decided to try this recipe based on the reviews, and lack of relish in the recipe. I don't know whether it was the cooling of the potatoes before adding the dressing, or the bit of garlic, but this turned out far superior to any potato salad I have had. I, the apathetic potato salad eater, not only went back for seconds, but licked the serving spoon while putting it away. It's creamy and flavorful. So good. Definitely my go-to recipe now! Thanks for posting!

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Connie K May 30, 2013

A great potato salad recipe that will also work when you want to add other ingredients.

This is my first time making potato salad. Bummed because I overcooked my potatoes. I could tell when I started dicing them because they were falling a apart a little. I let the potatoes cool before dicing them. I also didn't know what a "medium" potato was. My potatoes were a little smaller than a baseball. I used the red potatos that I had in the house already. I mixed all the ingredients in a separate mixing bowl. I added just a little dill, diced scallions with the red onions, dijon mustard instead of yellow. Smoked paprika instead of plain. 1/2 cup of buttemilk and 1 cup of mayonaise. (personal preference). I only had 2 hard boiled eggs....I would definitely add more the next time. I really liked the taste but unhappy because it was mushy because of the overcooked potatoes. I would definitely use this as a "staple" recipe and would make again. IMPORTANT: Definitely ADD SALT when boiling the potatoes. The potato itself will have more flavor. Leave a few slices of the eggs to decorate the top. TASTES SO MUCH BETTER THE NEXT DAY....try making it a day before your event.

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eatingagain February 10, 2013

MissNezz -- Thank you for sharing this potato salad recipe with us. It's exactly the way I like it. I did add 1/2 c. sour cream to the mayo mixture (and I combined the mayo, sour cream, vinegar, sugar, mustard, garlic powder, salt and pepper all together). Then I stirred it into the potatoes, eggs, celery and onion which I had combined in a large bowl. So, so yummy!!!!

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Bobbie July 03, 2011

This recipe is fantastic!!!! I made this over the weekend and it hit the spot with the hot weather we have been having. I am one of those that prefers their potato salad cold. I added tons of celery and onion and it had that perfect crunch. The texture was smooth and creamy and I'm thrilled I finally have a recipe that I can stick with. I made this with some BBQ baked chicken, beans and a salad. Far better than going out to eat. I'd have to say I was rather proud of myself pulling off such a fantastic meal. I will definitely make this again and again!!!!

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krysten-marshall August 21, 2010

Much better on day 2. Also tastes pretty good with light mayo! I added 2T mustard since I really like the flavor the mustard brings.

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Brooke the Cook in WI June 20, 2010

Absolutely love this recipe. Everyone THINKS I can cook o_O - I love it!

I first made it for a meal for my husband and it was delicious. Then I had the family come over and they loved it just as well. Recently went to Texas to see some friends for Christmas and they totally loved it as well. All I have to say it that it has not fail me yet. I am still working on the mixture portions but regardless of that it is the best I've tasted specially if it is made with red potatoes. Cold is the best way to have it btw.

Five Stars!

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SimplYomy December 29, 2012

Yum! This had just the right mix of sweet and tangy. The dressing was creamy and smooth with a nice crunch from the celery and onion. I normally don't like raw onion but it's not at all overpowering. I was in a little bit of a hurry so I omitted the boiled eggs, but next time I will definitely add them. I used yukon gold potatoes, which I cooked in salted water, whole, for about 20 minutes. It might have been a tad too long because one or two of them crumbled when I peeled and cubed them. I mixed them in the dressing when they were warm (gently, as to not crumble the intact cubes!)
Delicious. I have found my go to potato salad recipe for sure!

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The Portugarians June 17, 2011

ITS great i only suggest adding relish personally i dice up some red and green bell peppers and you can add olives if u like i dont tho lol and add like 1tablespoon and a half of mustard gives it more kick but other than that you cant go wrong its great i add red bell peppers because theey are sweet and crunchy and the green bell peppers even out the flavor !

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adrian25 May 14, 2011

This is an excellent classic potato salad. This had great texture and flavor. Made this yesterday and is all but gone.

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cst1996 April 26, 2011

This was excellent! It had a lot of flavor and honestly was one of the best potato salads I've ever made. Thanks so much!

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walker.brenda July 04, 2010
Classic Potato Salad