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I mixed this in with some steamed rice and we enjoyed it for breakfast along with scrambled eggs and warmed pita bread. The spices are very strong, so a little goes a long way. The flavor of the middle east comes thru wonderfully and it's very aromatic. We did not use pomegranate powder as I have no clue where we could find it, but did grate a little lime peel in the mix. We did need to add some salt and butter, but overall, a great spice mix. :)

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2Bleu December 05, 2008

This tasted too fennely and it is a strong spice mix but I think that is to be expected for kabsa. Personally I would use no fennel next time. I used mostly whole spices including Spanish saffron, I recommend Iranian as it has better flavour and colour, loomi which I made like Loomi Powder (Noomi Basara, Dried Lime, Black Lemon, Loomi Aswad which removes the bitter seeds. I think you could always use whole poked with a skewer a few times. Powdered loomi is sometimes available in Middle Eastern stores but I prefer making my own fresh. Sadly I was unable to obtain pomegranate powder this time. I would like to try this again without the fennel and with pomegranate powder if I can locate some. Made for Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe Tag Game - September 2010 in KK's forum.

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UmmBinat September 24, 2010

I use this mix all the time. I love the flavor. It is very useful for flavoring all kinds of dishes. Thank you for sharing!

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ellewoods808 April 18, 2010

Well, no pomegranate powder here nor dried limes so like 2Bleu, I added some lime zest. This is a delicious, well balanced spice mix. I sprinkled it over chicken & pan fried in cast iron. YUM! Thank you, FT & congratulations on being the VIP of the Veggie Swap 1/10!!!

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Elmotoo January 27, 2010
Classic Arabian Kabsa Spice Mix from the Spice Route