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Oh, my dear fat fanny, but these were good!!! I received a phone call that long-lost friends were in town and going to be stopping by in four hours--I had an extremely messy house, no munchy foods other than a 3lb. bag of frozen wings, and no time to hit the grocery store. I opened the bag of frozen wings, poured in one cup of salt and enough water to cover and let sit while I started cleaning. An hour later, I drained and rinsed the wings, topped with one chopped onion, added enough reconstituted dried buttermilk powder to cover, and let sit one more hour. I then drained and proceeded with the recipe as written. I have never eaten such delicious wings, and my friends just ate, moaned, wiped their mouths, and ate some more. I can't wait to see how good these are made to recipe--they've been starring in my dreams!!

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Vina January 18, 2004

I prepared these wings for a Men's Backyard Bonfire that we have every several months. Although it took several days to prepare (I soaked them in brine for 24 and buttermilk for another 24), they were out of this world! We are making them again next week. Break out the defibrillator!

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TheTentmaker May 31, 2003

Stand back!! these wings are ALL mine! This chicken is amazingly delicious, only thing i did different was added way more cayenne cuz we like spicy! SOOOOOOOO good! Thanks Claire!

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Donna April 13, 2003

It's true, these are AWESOME chicken wings!

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ImKerri March 11, 2009

These turned out really yummy! My one mistake was that they were really salty!! but that was my fault, as i musn't have rinsed the salt brine off very well. the meat was so tender though, and the crust was really crunchy and yummy. I made these for my six year old son, who won't eat anything but cereal and he asked me for wings, he ate 8!! Next time I make these and def will be a next time, I will remember to rinse, rinse, rinse, also I only added a pinch of salt to the flour. My first attempt at frying chicken, and it was soo easy. thank you for a yummy and delicious recipe. Foodlover1

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foodlover1 August 27, 2006

I wanted Fried Chicken to take on a beach trip, so I tried this one. I only found it the day I needed to cook it -so I only did one hour each in the brine and the buttermilk. Was still wonderful! I threw in a couple of boneless breasts i had in the kitchen...yummmmmmmmy!! Thanks Claire de Luna (and Claritha)

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me & alex April 14, 2006

I combined this with another 'zaar recipe to prepare about 10 lbs. of chicken, using thighs and drumsticks instead of wings. Because of mixing the two recipes/methods, I ordinarily wouldn't rate it. However, the 'prep' part of this is so outstanding that it just had to get lots of stars! Had never brined chicken before. I used the 'dry' method, chilling 2 hours covered with salt but no water. WOWZER! It increased the juiciness factor a ton! Then I rinsed and marinated in buttermilk overnight. This is what I always do, but I'd never layered with onions. Subtle but wonderful difference! After that, I switched to the other recipe -- mostly because the 2 T. of salt in the batter scared me off. (I used 2 tsp., and it was on the verge of being too much.) However, the parts of this that I used gave really fabulous results!

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highcotton May 09, 2005
Claritha's Fried Chicken Wings