Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 20 mins

ghee is wonderful for baking, frying, even taking straight for ayurvedic medicine. all the good fat is there without the proteinaceous impurities of butter. if you are a vata type like me, eating ghee often is enjoyable and healthful!


  1. set saucepan on stove on medium-low setting.
  2. put butter in pan.
  3. once butter is melted, turn setting up to medium.
  4. butter will crackle and bubble and foam and make a lovely smell for about 20 minutes.
  5. once foam begins to clear and smell becomes more"roasted", promptly take pan off stove.
  6. filter butter through a tea or coffee filter to remove impurities (little white bits-- foam may be removed as well, either way is okay).
  7. transfer ghee to jar, store at room temperature (up to one month) or in fridge (up to one year).


Most Helpful

I prefer a dark ghee so I wait till the second foaming to take off of the heat. Note it takes longer but you get a darker color and more intense flavor very similar to carmel popcorn. Use caution and turn down the heat as you get close, because the ghee really heats up and the foaming comes out of the blue. You need to stand right at the stove for safety's sake. The pan will begin to change noises as the milk solids begin to toast on the bottom. Note that ghee will last six months or more, no refrigeration needed. The part that goes rancid - water content and protein, has been removed.

paulabob July 22, 2012

Wonderful and works like a charm! I can now make ghee on my own and offer it to the Gods as well in the oil lamps we light every evening! Wow, I'm quite thrilled at the thought! This is a great cooking tip! Thanks for sharing!

Charishma_Ramchandani September 15, 2003

easy recipe, but like another person I screwed up the first time and got burnt ghee. It only took 5 min for me. I think the key is to catch it right at the point it's about to turn a caramel color and take it off the stove (which would be step 5 of the recipe). Thanks!

hippeastrum July 24, 2009

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