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You can take this from pretty good to amazingly delicious with a few minor changes. First, you need 4 sweet onions, and add in 2-3 heads of endive. Slice all that up, throw in bowl, and squeeze half a lemon and a half glass of white wine over it. Add the red pepper flakes, chopped jalepeno and salt, toss gently. Then parboil 6-8 Italian sausages. I like to use 4 sweet and 4 spicy. Remove from boiling water and slice on the bias. In a large pan that can be used on the stovetop and in the oven(I use my circulon with stainless handles) put in your washed and rinsed clams. Pour your can of chopped tomatoes over the top. Add sliced sausages and push down with the clams. Put vegetables over the top. Heat over high heat on large burner until liquid in pan starts to boil. Place in preheated 500degree oven for 9 minutes. Turn clams over and put back in oven until clams open, another 6-8 minutes. If clam hasn't opened yet, throw it out.

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Amy K. July 01, 2014

This was a nice alternative to the way I usually make clams and will definitely be made again with some minor changes. I found the littleneck clams on the small side and really didn't absorb a lot of the flavor on their own. I would use cherrystone clams next time, as they are meatier and really soak up the garlic, etc. The jalapeno added just the right amount of heat and was a great addition. I also might forego the water next time, as the broth was just a little too soup-y for me. The tomatoes and clams by themselves give off enough liquid, I think, to make a super flavorful broth that would be ideal for dunking with some crusty bread. Thanks for sharing the great new recipe. Made for PRMR Tag Game.

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JackieOhNo! July 01, 2013
Clams Al Forno