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I have had fried clams from The Clam Box there, and these are wonderfully delicious! Personally, as a New Englander, nobody makes fried clams better than The Clam Box...no matter what location you go to!
Cornmeal is used but if you want to cut down a bit on the 'grittiness', just use less while adding a bit more of the flour. Also, you want to pull your clams from the oil as soon as they just START looking goldenbrown. Otherwise they can end up being too well done which adds to the gritty feeling.
To me, getting a recipe like this is just like hitting gold! Thank you so much for posting this!! :)

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Muriel K. August 27, 2010

I thought these were fabulous! I didn't think they were gritty at all. I did make sure that I rinsed the clams really well before adding them to the mixture so that probably helps with the gritty-ness too. I used the extra mixture to dredge some scallops to fry as well. Husband couldn't eat enough of them :).

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liquidequis June 19, 2011

Sorry this did not workfor me. Are you sure you didnt mean corn flour rather than cornmeal. I Most of other recipes call for the flour. It was gritty because of the corn meal. Thanks for sharing though!

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ncamara50 September 09, 2008
Clam Box Fried Clams, Ipswich Mass