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Note: I am rating this on the taste after cooking. I was not sure whether I should cook this or not, since I have never heard of eating oatmeal uncooked. I did taste it raw, but the texture and my intuition told me I should cook it before eating it. Since this was a contest entry, I could not ask the chef their intentions. It did stick a lot to the pot while cooking, and was very thick by that point, so I added more milk to it once it was done. Despite all that, it did taste quite good! I did like very much the flavors of the blood orange, strawberries and pecans together.

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Maito February 25, 2008

WONDERFUL EASY and HEALTHY! I made a half recipe as directed and put it in a tupperware, then sprinkled pecans over the top and quartered fresh strawberries over them. So easy to take it out of the fridge the next morning and it's ready! The red currants I used plumped up nicely. This was a beautiful lavender color from the blood orange juice and the flavor was great too! The only thing I didn't care for on it was the pecans. I had never had oatmeal this way and it gives me tons of ideas for juice/fruit/dried fruit combos. Thanks and good luck in the contest!

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Engrossed February 24, 2008

Wow! This was really good. I will definitely be making this again. It was a very nice combination of flavors and textures and just the right sweetness. Day 2 I don't know that it changed any over another night, so I think the familiarity gave tasting it again that kind of eye-rolling, that's-so-good, comfort food quality. And today I had my baby hanging on my legs, starting to cry. So I started to wolf it down but stopped myself so I could wait for a little later to enjoy it. It's good stuff!

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mliss29 February 22, 2008
Citrusberry Bircher Breakfast