Citrus-Stacked Pork Burger

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

When I saw this recipe in the magazine of Rachael Ray, I had to try it. It's yummy and different. So original. The flavors are great. We cooked the scallions and the pork burgers on the bbq.

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  1. Slice off the ends of each grapefruit and place the fruit cut side down on a cutting board. Slice off the peel and pith. Working over a bowl, make a cut on either side of each segment to release it from the membrane into the bowl. Squeeze the remaining juice into a saucepan. Add the vinegar and honey and simmer over medium-high heat until syrupy. Add to the grapefruit sections.
  2. Meanwhile, preheat a grill pan to medium-high. Add the scallions and cook until slightly charred. Cool and thinly slice. Add the scallions and avocado to the grapefruit segments.
  3. Preheat a grill pan to medium. In a bowl, combine the pork and onion powder; season with salt. Shape into 4 patties. Grill the patties, turning once, until cooked, about 8 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, spread the butter on the rolls and grill until toasted. Place a patty on each roll bottom. Top with the grapefruit-avocado salad and the roll tops.
Most Helpful

These burgers are fabulous!!! Like 10 stars fabulous! They caught my eye right away when I first saw them in Rachael Ray's magazine. A tasty break from the usual beef burger. I love what the grapefruit added to the overall flavor. I grilled mine on the BBQ and hubby hasn't stopped talking about them. They are a little messy and sticky though!

ScrappieDoo June 08, 2010

Used all your ingredients but did change the way they were served, only because I really, really don't care for avocado, while realizing that many others do like the stuff! So, When I put the salad together, I left the sliced avocado on a separate plate & allowed those who wanted it to add it to their buns ~ I was the only holdout, but what the hey! We do love your pork burgers & will be making them again, for sure! [Made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe]

Sydney Mike May 15, 2010