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Result was too bitter from the "zests" so I had to add a lot more buckwheat honey to make it slightly palatable. I tried not to use the pith. Rind means the whole outer skin, zest would be a better word to use here. I made this for Healthy Choices Tag Game 2013 and chose to make it dairy free for the fact that our North American butter is not the healthy choice it should be even when organic it should come from an animal who was free range grass fed. It would be bright yellow containing much vitamin K2. I used light tasting extra virgin olive oil instead of both the butter and canola oil (GMO), I left out the lime zest as I had no limes on hand, clementine zest in place of orange which I have read is a fine substitute, red quinoa because I like the slight bite, sea salt, plus the rest of the ingredients.

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UmmBinat February 04, 2013
Citrus Quinoa