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This was a lovely meal. I made it with chicken breasts & reduced the recipe for just the 2 of us, cooking for only 30 mins in the oven. A nice citrus taste that went well with our salad. Made for ZWT5 by a Hell's Kitchen Angel.

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Heydarl May 22, 2009

We actually had mixed reviews on this recipe. I loved it, my DD who is hard to get to eat anything liked it and ate a good sized portion, and my fiance` who didn't like the "citrus-y" taste. I liked that it was refreshing and moist. I used a smaller boneless turkey breast because there are only 3 in my family. I decided to cook this in my oven today. I preheated my oven to 400*, put it on my broiler pan, and baked it for 2 hours. Also, because I baked it in the oven, the drippings "cooked away." I used one tsp. chicken boullion to make one cup broth. Then I added all the seasonings as needed. It made a nice sauce. Thank you so much for this recipe!!! Made for the Viva Valencia! challenge for ZWT5.

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kellychris May 19, 2009

Any citrus lover's absolute dream dish: superbly flavoursome. Just a fabulous blend of flavours and the meat was so moist and delicious. My dinner guests and I absolutely adored this. And since there were only four of us eating this, we scored lots of wonderful turkey meat, which has been used in a number equally wonderful dishes: to make some fabulous sandwiches, added to a rice dish and used in an omelette. And my cat l-o-v-e-d the turkey skin and , of course, a cat-sized portion of the turkey meat. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous recipe, diner524. I'll certainly be making this again when my fancy turns to turkey. Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder February 20, 2009
Citrus Grilled Turkey Breast (Light)