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I registered with Food.com only to write a review to this recipe... that's how well it worked.

The first thing I enjoyed about this recipe was how easy it was to form the patties. The chia gel is an excellent combiner! & you know that the more you mix your beef & pat it into patties, the drier it gets. The patties formed like clay. Second, they shrunk less & seemed to cook a bit quicker (however, that may be because of grilling methods--I put the patties over really hot coals).

It worked well. I wish I would have gotten a shot of it for ya. They glistened off the grill.

I purchase & use only grass-fed beef from a local farm. I usually have to coat my burgers with vegetable oil to keep them from drying out (a little helpful hint for ya, there). I have been eating chia seeds for a few months now in my oatmeal & smoothies. Blah blah blah.

I got to thinking that with their ability to hold on to water, the seeds may retain the moisture that I wanted for my burgers. So I Googled it & this was the first recipe that specifically addressed my query.

Thanks for sharing, DevonViolet!

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BobCrandall June 15, 2012

These burgers were great - my hubby who doesn't like burgers,
ate 3 of them. Thanks for sharing.

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Lori91761 August 10, 2010
Circus Burgers (With Lean Ground Beef and Chia Seeds)