Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

This is an italian thick hot chocolate drink served in cappuchino cups with a spoon. I like this even as a hot dessert. Its like a hot dense chocolate fondue. The cocoa powder has to be dark and bitter, not the sugary version.

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  1. Mix the dry ingredients in a thick sauce pan.
  2. Mix in the milk, a tbsp at a time until it becomes smooth and then add the rest of the milk at a faster pace.
  3. Heat mixing all the time for about 5 minutes until thick. Pour into 2 cups and serve steaming hot with a spoon on the side.
Most Helpful

Delicious, once I got it to thicken! I tried this recipe twice: first time it never thickened, so I had to serve it as a weird regular cocoa. Second time it wasn't thickening again. So I made a slurry of 1 tsp cornstarch with (about 1/4 c) milk and added that in (slowly). Totally thickened up after that. Served in demitasse cups with a tiny pinch of cinnamon on top. Will definitely make again, but I'll add the cornstarch at the beginning. Whole milk is probably best, but I used 2% and it was divine.

Andi Panda December 26, 2012

Hi guys! I'd only recommend to use WHEAT STARCH (and not flour directly) for a best taste. Using the flour the clumps could form in it more easily, and its taste could be felt in your chocolate. Using the wheat starch it doesn't happen and the taste is more authentic. (As from Italian recipe. ;) )

Vane84 December 30, 2011

Added 2 Tblsp of flour instead, used soy milk and added cinnamon for a Mexican flair - Delish!

Chef Bina Sr September 12, 2010