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Seriously, these wee treats are a few mins start to finish. Don't recall ever seeing barberries in this area, in any form. Love that this recipe makes a small amount which is perfect for me. The dates and orange water make them special. Really great little cookies.

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Annacia November 04, 2011

These are DREAM cookies to enjoy slowly one by one! A real keeper!
I substituted the optional barberries with cranberries and grape seed oil with canola oil.
For all other ingredients and procedure I followed the recipe and used a strong food processor.
In 2 minutes or less the dough formed a ball and I did not have to add more oil.
I shaped the cookies simply by hand sometimes adding a cranberry in the center and I baked them exactly 6 minutes. After cooling they were perfect!
For decoration and serving I used powdered sugar. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful recipe.
Made for NA/ME TAG.

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awalde September 10, 2011

Tasty little gluten free, vegan morsels. I liked these. I didn't find I had to use the increased amount of oil for which I used canola oil because I do not support the wine industry (through purchase of grapeseed oil) but that is probably because I used a coffee grinder to grind the chopped walnut pieces and did so finely, missing the part where it said coarsely chop. I used some Saudi Arabian dates that are smaller than Medjool so I used 7. Soaked and rinsed the optional dried barberries before chopping, used an alcohol free vanilla from the health food store, freshly ground cardamom, plus the rest of the ingredients. Mine made about 13 cookies. Made for AUGUST 2011 NA/ME TAG! EVERYBODY COME PLAY!

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UmmBinat August 16, 2011
Cinnamon-Walnut Cookies (Vegan)