Cinnamon Sugar Apples for the Lunch Box

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

Okay it seems silly to even call this a recipe but its actually wonderful lunch box fare. The dark brown of the cinnamon hides the natural browning of the cut up apples and makes them a special treat. You can adjust the levels of cinnamon vs. sugar to taste but keep in mind that cinnamon is chock full of nutrients and anti-oxidants so don't be too skimpy.


  1. Mix the white sugar and cinnamon and put into a one of those squeeze bottles or an old spice container that allows you to sprinkle. Shake well.
  2. When you are packing cut apple slices squirt some of the cinnamon/sugar onto the apples. The sugar helps preserve the apples and the cinnamon hides the browning of the apples. Put a lid on the container and shake to coat and make sure to pack a fork or spoon to make eating them easier.